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**Free AI-Powered Mental Health Support to be Provided by Houston FQHC**

Patients can access automated accessible mental health care tools, which could improve value-based …

Wysa has partnered with the Federally Qualified Health Center Community Health Network in Brazoria, Harris, and Galveston districts in Texas to incorporate its artificial intelligence-guided mental health platform, offering professionals and executives insights and supplementary behavioral health support throughout patient care journeys.

Furthermore, Wysa is actively supporting mental health services at MyCHN.


As per the announcement made on Monday, individuals can now connect more effectively with mental health professionals and caregivers, utilizing digital health tools and AI-powered chatbots for tasks ranging from scheduling to follow-up assistance.

Chaitali Sinha, the senior vice president of care and medical innovation at Wysa, emphasized how these systems streamline access to evidence-based care. The platform includes triage services, empathetic programs, supportive tools, and an analytics dashboard, seamlessly integrating with existing hospital protocols.

Sinha pointed out that “Accessibility remains the primary hurdle for patients seeking mental health services, a challenge exacerbated in underserved communities by additional barriers.”

The verbal Artificial chatbot agent guides users through evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and micro-actions to foster psychological resilience.

The platform serves to support healthcare providers and offers valuable insights to MyCHN’s clinicians and administrators, facilitating individual progress tracking to improve outcomes and utilization. The AI-powered bot aids in destigmatizing mental health and provides rapid access to mental wellness support as an anonymous solution.

The collaboration ensures that both individuals and professionals have access to care “anytime, anywhere,” according to Demi Minter, the medical director at MyCHN.


Roeen Roashan, the current innovation leader for professional innovation and development at Novo Nordisk, highlighted the value AI brings to client-driven digital systems.

Roashan, a senior digital health scientist at the consulting firm IHS, suggested that in certain contexts, machine learning and bots could serve as next-generation population health tools.

To achieve scalability, specific aspects of digital healthcare must be decentralized and delegated to the patient, he stated, referencing a previous study indicating that the Wysa chatbot effectively enhanced psychological resilience among youth. However, a significant workforce is still necessary to support the digital health technology value chain.

“Users engaging with Wysa experienced a 45% reduction in despair, with treatment adherence increasing tenfold,” as reported in the initial study.

A more recent study conducted by the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at Nanyang Technological University Singapore analyzed conversations between Wysa and eight distinct AI and scripted personas representing various cultures, ages, genders, and levels of depressive symptoms.

Research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in December confirmed that bots are effective in aiding self-management of depressive symptoms.

Despite being empathetic and not storing or sharing users’ chat history or personal data, the AI does not offer personalized advice. The researchers suggested that mental health chatbots should be further developed to support individuals at risk of suicide and assess the long-term effectiveness of AI-led interventions for mental well-being.

Nevertheless, scientist Dr. Laura Martinengo believes that these AI systems could be a valuable alternative for individuals in need, especially those facing challenges in accessing traditional medical assistance.

“For some individuals, interacting with a system is more comfortable than engaging with a person.”


Minter highlighted MyCHN’s commitment to providing accessible, high-quality care to clients and staff across various platforms. In her view, any avenue that ensures comprehensive care tailored to each individual’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being is the most favorable approach.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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