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– Hollywood Executives Emphasize AI’s Limitations in Music Industry: “Collaboration with Humans Essential”

A panel of Hollywood executives recently spoke about their concerns about artificial intelligence n…

Hollywood professionals continue to ponder the future of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry despite past strikes involving artists and actors and the dawn of a new year.

In a roundtable discussion with the Los Angeles Times, several professionals expressed their concerns about the impact of this technology. Jonathan Glickman, the founder and CEO of Panoramic Media Co., expressed skepticism about AI’s influence on the writing process in the near future, citing the current quality as below audience expectations.

While the realm of imagination may be challenging to replicate, tasks blending technical and creative elements behind the scenes could face potential changes due to AI.

Sam Register, Nicole Brown, and Jonathan Glickman shared their apprehensions about AI in Hollywood during the discussion. Sam Register, leading Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, highlighted the rapid text analysis capabilities of ChatGPT, raising concerns about its impact on job creation. He emphasized the importance of educational opportunities and preserving the art form within animation studios.

Nicole Brown from TriStar Pictures underscored the essence of personal experience, perspective, and vision in attracting viewers to entertainment content. Chris Hart, a partner at United Talent Agency, echoed the sentiment of valuing collaboration with individuals in the industry, from editors to actors and writers.

On the other hand, Howie Mandel expressed his embrace of AI technologies, leveraging them in his business endeavors. He stressed the need for regulations to ensure fair usage and benefit-sharing from AI-generated content.

In contrast, Jack Black and Justine Bateman presented differing views on AI. Jack Black maintained an optimistic outlook, rejecting doomsday scenarios and emphasizing the potential for AI to enhance human capabilities. Justine Bateman, however, adamantly opposed the integration of AI in Hollywood, asserting that technology should address human challenges rather than replace creative professionals.

During the 2023 strikes, discussions revolved around AI’s role in the industry, leading to the implementation of new contracts with AI clauses safeguarding writers’ rights and actors’ likenesses until 2026. Glickman highlighted the potential for further labor disputes within IATSE, emphasizing the importance of effective communication to prevent future conflicts.

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