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### AI, Remote Work, and Beyond: High-Tech Titans Delve into Cutting-Edge Tech

It hasn’t been that long since efforts to supplement Traverse City’s deep roots in agriculture, tou…

Not long ago, initiatives leveraging technology companies to complement Traverse City’s strong ties to agriculture, tourism, and regional services began. Over time, this has fostered a closely connected community of business owners and organizations driving notable advancements in the region.

To delve deeper into the business landscape of Traverse City, exploring ongoing shifts, anticipated developments, and their implications for companies and individuals in the near future, the Travers City Business News, our affiliated publication, engaged in discussions with local business figures and enterprises.

These innovators delve into topics such as automation, remote work, artificial intelligence (AI), and more in the current January edition, presently accessible on newsstands.

The second issue of the year features two highly anticipated annual segments: “What to View,” offering insights into individuals, issues, and locations poised to make headlines in 2024, and the eleventh edition of the Traverse City Business Legends Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, this content-rich edition encompasses contributions from various local specialists, a detailed examination of the region’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) initiatives, plans for enhancing high-speed internet accessibility, and a host of other compelling subjects.

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Last modified: January 4, 2024
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