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– Exploring AI Investment Opportunities: Hensoldt, a Leading European Defense Firm

Hensoldt sees artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics as an area with investment opportunity, th…

At its Capital Markets Day, the German defense electronics manufacturer DE highlighted analytics and potential investment opportunities.

The manufacturer of the IRIS-T air defense system, which Ukraine receives radars from, emphasized the importance of mergers and acquisitions in the country’s expansion strategy during a Wednesday announcement.

According to a company statement, there are emerging investment opportunities in the service and inclusion business, as well as in artificial intelligence and analytics.

Presentations from Hensoldt’s Capital Markets Day showcased the company’s plan to invest in AI growth “across all company for all related products and solutions.”

In a move to strengthen Europe, the company is contemplating acquisitions, with its orders more than doubling since 2019 amidst increasing global political unrest.

CEO Thomas Mueller noted that the world is currently experiencing significant confusion and a heightened demand for defense and security systems due to escalating geopolitical tensions.

Hensoldt recently disclosed its intention to undergo a capital increase to facilitate ESG’s acquisition of European military support.

During its Capital Markets Day, the partially state-owned defense electronics specialist reaffirmed its annual and mid-term predictions, revealing that approximately 85% of the projected 2024 revenue is already secured by a 5.5 billion euro ($6.00 billion) order backlog.

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Last modified: February 12, 2024
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