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### Revamping Hollywood: “Gutfeld!” Employs AI Actors to Revamp “Woke” Narrative

“Thanks to AI. We’re not even going to need actors. They’ll just generate them,” former New York Po…

Fox News aired an episode of “Gutfeld” on Wednesday where Hollywood’s use of “woke nonsense” in movies was heavily criticized. The show even speculated about a future where celebrities might become obsolete due to advancements in AI technology.

During the segment, a former New York Police Department inspector on the show expressed relief, stating, “We won’t have to endure Katy Perry’s political advice anymore!” However, another panelist mistakenly overlooked Perry’s profession as a songwriter. The discussion also touched upon the notion that without progressive advocacy, figures like Mark Ruffalo would no longer berate the public.

In a year-end review segment, Fox News contributor Tyrus filled in for host Greg Gutfeld. Gutfeld encouraged viewers to reflect on the barrage of misinformation Americans faced in 2023, likening it to a metaphorical “lump of coal” produced by Hollywood.

Criticism was directed at Hollywood’s cinematic output, with one guest highlighting the industry’s decline in quality, attributing it to an influx of “woke nonsense.” The sentiment was that audiences were turning away from films in droves, akin to the exodus seen in the 1970s due to smoking restrictions.

The conversation shifted towards Hollywood’s global influence, with one panelist suggesting that the industry’s portrayal of America as “terrible” to the world was a misguided approach. The discussion also touched upon the potential impact of AI on the future of acting, hinting at a scenario where machines could replace human actors.

As the dialogue delved into the implications of AI on the entertainment industry, particularly in the context of ongoing contract negotiations, the sentiment of not needing traditional actors anymore gained traction.

In conclusion, one panelist emphasized the significance of the evolving landscape, asserting that the year marked a turning point where traditional services may no longer be as essential in the entertainment realm.

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Last modified: December 29, 2023
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