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### Boost Pixel 8 Pro Efficiency with Google’s Newest AI Core Enhancement

Pixel 8 Pro owners, rejoice: Google’s latest update will improve your phone’s overall p…

Christmas could come early for Google 8 Pro users with an impending AI Core update that promises to elevate the device’s AI capabilities. This update is poised to enrich the smart functionalities of the Pixel 8 Pro, including enhancements to features like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur for the camera, and Google Assistant. The influence of AI transcends the realms of just the camera and Assistant functions.

The AI Core application functions in the background, providing AI services as a background process. The primary aim of AI advancement is to introduce text and image generation capabilities to a broader array of Pixel devices, with the AI Core app acting as a stepping stone towards this ambitious objective. While the initial update may not immediately empower your Pixel phone to autonomously create AI-generated images due to the considerable processing power involved, it is expected that leveraging Google’s extensive cloud processing capabilities will make this a reality in the future.

Google has maintained a level of ambiguity surrounding AI Core, offering limited insights in the app description on the Google Play Store. The “About this App” section simply mentions: “AI Core powers features across Android and provides apps with the latest AI models.” However, a deeper examination of the accompanying images in the listing provides additional clarity:

“The AI-driven functionalities operate locally on your device, utilizing state-of-the-art foundation models. To ensure the efficacy of these functions, your device automatically updates the AI models, with AI Core overseeing these updates while delivering AI capabilities to other applications.”

From this portrayal, it can be deduced that AI Core plays a pivotal role in keeping the foundation models current and enabling AI functionalities for diverse apps on the device.

With Google’s strong focus on AI integration in Pixel devices, the role played by AI Core is of paramount significance. Post-update, features like Magic Eraser will not only showcase enhanced speed but also heightened intelligence. Moreover, all AI-reliant applications will gain from access to the latest Foundation Models, encompassing the Imagen Model Family for image creation and editing, Codey for empowering developers, and Chirp for automatic speech recognition across over 100 languages.

While the exact rollout date for the Core AI update remains undisclosed, it is yet to reach Pixel 8 Pro devices. Initially, the update will be exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro but is expected to extend to other Pixel models in the imminent future.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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