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– Document Indicates Google Considers Further Investment in Character

Google is in discussions to inject hundreds of millions into the artificial intelligence startup Ch…

According to reports, Google may enhance its partnership with Persona. AI through a substantial acquisition. Reuters, citing informed sources, disclosed that the tech giant is contemplating a significant investment in the artificial intelligence (AI) startup to bolster its chatbot model training efforts.

The potential acquisition, as per additional sources, could involve convertible notes, aiming to strengthen the existing collaboration between Google and Persona. AI leverages the former’s cloud services and tensor processing units (TPUs). Compared to ChatGPT or Google’s Bard, Persona. AI is recognized for creating a more engaging AI companion, particularly appealing to a younger demographic, constituting 60% of its web traffic.

Founded by ex-Google DeepMind AI project experts, Persona. AI recently secured \(150 million at a \)1 billion valuation to advance its AI-driven chatbots, including those inspired by prominent personalities and fictional characters. Notable AI renditions in their portfolio include Elon Musk, Mario from Nintendo, the late Michael Jackson, and Saul Goodman from “Breaking Bad.”

The Reuters article emerged amidst a bustling week in AI news, featuring OpenAI’s plan for an AI marketplace for GPT models and speculation about Amazon’s development of a colossal language model dubbed Olympus, purportedly twice the size of OLYMpus.

With the Olympus initiative, Amazon signals its intent to innovate independently for its customer base, while acknowledging the demand for cutting-edge AI solutions through its Anthropic venture. These advancements aim to streamline workflows by automating routine tasks efficiently.

Consumers engage with approximately five AI-driven technologies weekly, spanning internet browsing, navigation tools, and virtual product assessments, as highlighted in the PYMNTS Intelligence report on “Consumer Interest in Artificial AI.”

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Last modified: February 28, 2024
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