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– Google Expands AI-Powered Search to Over 120 New Countries

It’s getting support for more languages, too.

Enhancing Accessibility to the Search Generative Experience

Google is expanding the reach of its Search Generative Experience (SGE) to over 120 new countries, including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. This initiative, as highlighted in a blog post by Google’s Hema Budaraju, aims to make SGE available in more regions and languages. The addition of Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian languages complements the existing support for English, Hindi, and Japanese.

With this expansion, a broader audience will have the opportunity to engage with SGE. To access the feature, users need to participate in Google’s Search Labs program. Currently, SGE is accessible on Chrome for desktop users and the Google apps on Android and iOS devices. In the newly added countries, SGE will be available on Chrome for desktop starting Wednesday and will roll out on the Google app over the next week.

Although there is no confirmation on the future availability of SGE in more regions, Budaraju hinted at potential updates in the future. The current phase of SGE is focused on gathering feedback and improving the user experience, as mentioned by Google director Craig Ewer.

Furthermore, Google is introducing new features to enhance the SGE experience:

  • A “ask a follow up” text box is being tested to streamline the interaction process directly on the SGE results page.
  • Users can now seek clarification on ambiguous terms during translations, such as the word “tie,” with plans to expand this feature to more languages and regions.
  • The ability to delve deeper into specific topics like technology, finance, and health terms within SGE results will be rolled out gradually.

These enhancements aim to provide users with comprehensive information directly within the search results, reducing the need to navigate to external sources. Google continues to refine SGE to improve link visibility and relevance, offering a more seamless search experience for users.

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