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– Don’t be deceived by Google’s falsified Gemini AI voice demonstration

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In summary, Google amazed the internet with a demo video featuring Gemini, its latest advanced language model with impressive bidirectional capabilities. However, some aspects of the demonstration were fabricated.

Gemini showcased the ability to engage with a user’s voice and environment, such as interpreting sketches or playing games like rock, paper, scissors. It demonstrated skills in spatial reasoning, locating hidden objects, and identifying changes in locations. Google aimed to exhibit Gemini’s natural language processing and spatial reasoning capabilities effectively.

Despite the impressive display, the actions of the model were text-based and not triggered by audio cues, nor were they happening in real-time. The video creation process involved still photo frames and text prompts to simulate real-time interactions.

Furthermore, leading AI developers are turning to AMD’s Instinct MI300 accelerators for enhanced computing power in their projects. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and Supermicro have committed to utilizing these accelerators for cloud platforms and AI servers, showcasing a shift towards AMD’s technology in the AI sector.

Additionally, the artist union SAG-AFTRA approved a coalition deal regarding AI regulations, focusing on better working conditions and protection against AI technology replacing human actors in the entertainment industry.

On another front, Meta introduced Imagine, a text-to-image application powered by an AI model named Emu. Meta plans to watermark the generated images for identification and traceability, ensuring transparency in the creation of AI-generated content.

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Last modified: February 7, 2024
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