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– Enhancing Internet Browsing: Google Chrome Introduces Three New AI Functions

Too many tabs open? Google’s AI can help.

The Chrome browser is poised to undergo enhancements aimed at simplifying and streamlining user experience with the introduction of three innovative AI-assisted functionalities.

Initially, a feature known as “tab groups” will empower users to efficiently organize numerous tabs by automatically suggesting and creating groups based on the user’s open tabs. This functionality proves particularly beneficial for individuals managing multiple projects simultaneously or conducting research for various purposes, such as trip planning encompassing hotel reservations and restaurant exploration.

To leverage this tool, users can simply right-click on an open tab and opt for “Organize Similar Tabs.” Subsequently, Chrome’s AI will identify tabs with related content, cluster them together, and propose a suitable name and emoji for easy identification.

Furthermore, Chrome is integrating an AI-driven writing assistant to enhance user confidence when crafting content in public domains like online reviews, social media posts, or professional emails. By right-clicking on any text field within Chrome and selecting “Help me write,” users can access assistance in refining their message after inputting a few initial words.

Expanding on the AI-generated wallpaper trend initiated by the Google Pixel 8, Chrome will introduce the capability to design personalized themes using AI algorithms. Analogous to the functionality on the phone, users can create themes based on emotions, color schemes, art genres, and more by selecting from a list of predefined terms. For instance, users could opt for a theme featuring “aurora borealis in an animated style with a serene ambiance.”

To implement an AI-generated theme, users should navigate to the “Customize Chrome” panel, proceed to “Change theme,” and select “Create with AI.”

While the writing assistant feature is slated for release next month, the tab organizer and theme generator are expected to be available within a few days. Google has hinted at additional AI and machine learning features in the pipeline for later this year, including the integration of its new AI model, Gemini.

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Last modified: January 24, 2024
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