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**Revolutionizing the Web: Google Infuses AI into Every Online Text Field**

Starting today Google is planning to bring three new AI powered features to its popular Chrome brow…

Tired of the constant chatter about AI? Brace yourself, as Google has integrated generative AI directly into its Chrome web browser.

In a recent announcement, Google disclosed that Chrome will soon incorporate three new features powered by artificial intelligence. These enhancements aim to streamline tab organization, enable personalized theming, and, notably, provide users with AI-assisted content creation capabilities whenever they encounter an empty text field while browsing the web.

AI-driven Writing Support

For individuals who struggle to articulate their thoughts online, this upcoming feature could be a game-changer. The next Chrome update will introduce an experimental AI-powered tool designed to aid users in composing well-crafted content across the web.

Accessible with a simple right-click on any text box or field on a website and selecting Help me write, this feature allows users to input a few words, prompting Chrome’s AI to kickstart the writing process. This functionality can be particularly useful for drafting eloquent emails, RSVPs, or formal messages online.

The convenience of having AI-generated text readily available without leaving the current webpage is poised to revolutionize online content creation. While integrating AI-generated text into platforms like Microsoft Word or Google Docs is common, offering this feature across the entire web raises the bar significantly.

Intelligent Tab Management and Personalized Themes

In addition to writing assistance, Chrome will leverage AI to enhance tab management. Currently, Chrome allows users to organize multiple tabs into groups manually, which can be tedious. With the new smart tab organization feature, AI will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on your open tabs, reducing the manual effort required.

Whether you’re conducting research for an assignment or comparing prices across various online stores, a simple right-click on a tab followed by selecting Organize Similar Tabs will prompt Chrome to take charge. This feature can even propose names and emojis for the tab groups, ensuring easy access when needed.

Furthermore, users can now personalize their browsing experience with AI-generated themes. Expanding on last year’s introduction of generative AI wallpapers for Android 14 on Pixel devices, Chrome users can now create custom themes without any AI expertise.

By accessing the Customize Chrome side panel, selecting Change theme, and then Create with AI, users can choose a subject, mood, visual style, and color to generate a unique theme tailored to their preferences.

These features are scheduled to roll out on Macs and Windows PCs in the U.S. in the coming days. To access them, users need to sign into Chrome, navigate to Settings from the three-dot menu, and locate the Experimental AI page. It’s worth noting that these features are experimental and will be disabled for enterprise and educational accounts initially.

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