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### Square Enix’s Future Strategy: Embracing AI with Aggressive Implementation

Must… Consume… Content

What a lovely way to kick off 2024, isn’t it?

In a New Year’s Email, Square Enix President Takashi Kiryu expressed gratitude towards the systems (thanks, VGC) and highlighted the company’s intention to be “assertive in implementing” AI within its content creation and printing divisions moving forward.

Released on January 1st, 2024, the communication delves into market advancements and Kiryu’s strategic vision for Square Enix. Of particular focus is the role of AI, with Kiryu emphasizing that “generative AI has the capacity not just to transform our creations but also to fundamentally revolutionize our production methodologies, including programming.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Kiryu lays out the company’s objectives, detailing plans to enhance resource allocation, foster international partnerships, and explore innovative avenues for conducting business in a more profound manner.

He indicates that Square Enix is poised to be “assertive in implementing” Artificial Intelligence for both immediate and long-term purposes in a somewhat unsettling yet not entirely unexpected revelation:

Furthermore, we are keen to adopt a proactive stance in leveraging AI and other state-of-the-art solutions for our publishing and content development workflows. Our primary goal is to boost our creative output efficiency and attain heightened sophistication in our promotional endeavors. Recognizing the potential that modern technology holds for business growth, we aim to harness these advancements to introduce novel content offerings for our audience in the future.

While the near-term applications appear benign, there is a sense of caution surrounding the prospect of these purported “new content formats,” which elicits some apprehension despite a willingness to remain open-minded for the time being. The unfolding of Square Enix’s initiatives throughout 2024 will undoubtedly be intriguing to observe, even if they may not always pertain to gaming.

What are your impressions of Square Enix’s AI technology objectives? Share your insights in the comments section below.

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Last modified: January 2, 2024
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