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– Gmail Rumored to Integrate AI Voice Feature by Google

Voice-activated prompts might be coming to Gmail.

Google’s AI-driven email drafting tool in Gmail, named “Help Me Write,” is set to introduce voice support soon. This cutting-edge feature leverages generative AI to aid users in composing emails. Currently accessible through Labs, Google’s platform for testing new AI functionalities, users can provide prompts like “Assist me in crafting an introduction for someone I met at a conference.”

As reported by TheSpAndroid, the latest update indicates that users may soon be able to use Help Me Write through voice commands. In a demonstration on the Gmail mobile app, a blogger showcased the activation of this beta feature by selecting “Draft email with voice” positioned above the keyboard. This action activated a microphone icon for capturing prompts. Once recorded, users can proceed to create an email draft open for further modifications.

Google has been gradually integrating AI-powered features into its array of tools and services. For instance, Duet AI serves as an AI assistant for content generation in Google Docs and Sheets, while ongoing work on SGE, an AI-driven search experiment available in Labs, continues. Recently, Google introduced “Circle to Search” on new Samsung devices, allowing users to search by circling an image.

Despite the initial rollout of Help Me Write for Gmail in June last year, Google has not officially confirmed the addition of voice prompts. Nonetheless, the observed advancements suggest an imminent announcement regarding this enhancement.

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Last modified: January 23, 2024
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