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### Collaborative Partnership Between Genentech and NVIDIA for AI-Powered Drug Discovery

Genentech has entered a research partnership with NVIDIA to expedite the discovery and development …

The latest partnership is indeed aiding Genentech in expediting the “lab in a ring” process.

In order to accelerate drug discovery and development, Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, has joined forces with NVIDIA in a strategic, multi-year collaboration powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

This collaboration aims to combine Genentech’s expertise in AI, genetic and chemical datasets, and research capabilities with NVIDIA’s resources to facilitate the creation of new drugs.

By converting Genentech’s conceptual AI models and algorithms into an advanced AI system, this partnership will drive forward the exploration and implementation of novel treatments.

Utilizing Genentech’s machine learning algorithms and designs on the NVIDIA DGX Cloud for training-as-a-service, the companies can swiftly deploy cutting-edge AI capabilities, leveraging NVIDIA AI computation and applications like MNIDIA BioNemo.

Aviv Regev, Genentech’s Executive Vice President of Analysis and Early Development, highlighted the transformative impact of AI models and algorithms in accelerating medical discoveries and generating insights on a vast scale through specialized information and experiments.

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While emphasizing their commitment to top-notch business attributes, Genentech encourages companies to select the most beneficial course of action by filling out a form to receive a complimentary sample.

At the core of Genentech’s ethos lies the belief that advancing science and technology is pivotal to driving biomedical breakthroughs.

Furthermore, the new collaboration will expedite the “lab in a loop” process, integrating diverse empirical data into mathematical models to identify patterns and generate fresh, empirically testable predictions.

These predictions are then validated in a laboratory setting, with the outcomes utilized to enhance the mathematical model.

In September 2023, Genentech and PeptiDream inked a multi-target collaboration and license agreement for the discovery and development of innovative macrocyclic peptide-radioisotope drug compounds.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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