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– ServiceNow Incorporates Gen AI into Chatbot Design Operations

Now Assist, the company’s sub-brand for generative AI features, will soon show up in field service …

Transformation of Simple Passwords into Verbal Commands in Workflow Generation

When the system lacks the capability to fulfill user requests, comprehending them becomes futile. As Barnes emphasizes, individuals must establish workflows to provide electronic agents with a basis for resolving issues effectively. The scarcity of ServiceNow developers poses a bottleneck for customers, hindering the creation of essential flows.

ServiceNow has thus leveraged relational AI to facilitate workflow generation without the Then Assist designation, enabling the conversion of plain text into low-code automated workflows. By allowing users to define the desired procedure, the system translates it into a flow within the visual editor, aligning with the customer’s coding preferences and ServiceNow standards.

Although users or their IT personnel must validate the code manually using the platform’s built-in automated testing tools, Barnes noted that this approach significantly streamlines the process, reducing the need for extensive upskilling.

Overcoming Challenges in Enterprise Integration

Element AI was established to develop AI software seamlessly integrated into business operations. Despite the complexities of constructing and training generative AI systems, Barnes expressed relief following ServiceNow’s acquisition, as it eliminated the need to build a workflow engine from scratch.

CIOs are advised to consider this aspect when selecting tools for building relational AI chatbots amidst the expanding array of options available. Barnes emphasized that any relational AI efficiency necessitates a robust underlying platform to transcend basic conversational capabilities.

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Last modified: February 17, 2024
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