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### Leveraging CAA Evidence to Propel AI Tech Business into the Future

AI Tech Company Futureverse Signs With CAA

Futureverse, a company specializing in artificial intelligence, universe systems, and information, has entered into a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Together, CAA and Futureverse will collaborate to nurture emerging talent and explore intellectual property (IP) opportunities across web3, the metaverse, virtual games, AI, and more.

With a diverse portfolio including international IP and entertainment properties like FIFA, Authentic Brands Group (Muhammad Ali Estate), Warner Music Group, and upcoming reveals, Futureverse has established a significant cultural presence. By partnering with CAA, Futureverse aims to expedite technological advancements and enhance experiences in various sectors such as film/TV, music, consumer goods, and beyond.

The partnership announcement coincides with the launch of JEN 1, an advanced universal high-fidelity model for text-to-music generation. Backed by a comprehensive research paper showcasing its superiority over recent models from tech giants like Google and Facebook, JEN 1 introduces innovative licensing strategies to benefit creators, suppliers, and artists.

Following a successful \(54 million funding round, Futureverse’s co-founders, Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, have introduced the \)50 million Born Ready fund and venture studio.

Senderoff emphasized the importance of strategically integrating skills and IP into the evolving technological landscape. The collaboration between Futureverse and CAA aims to empower creators with cutting-edge tools and lucrative opportunities, shaping a promising future for the entertainment industry at the intersection of AI, web3, and universe infrastructure.

According to CAA’s Phil Quist, the partnership signifies more than a mere collaboration—it represents a fusion of expertise driving a shared vision for a progressive and interconnected society.

Senderoff, with a background in the entertainment industry, has held leadership roles in Hollywood and co-founded Raised In Space with Scooter Braun, establishing herself as a prominent figure in web3, AI, and blockchain long before their mainstream adoption.

McDonald’s focus on developing Futureverse has revolutionized content creation and interaction within the metaverse. With over two decades of experience in systems development, product programming, and business leadership, McDonald’s track record includes managing portfolios exceeding $1 billion. Together, Senderoff and McDonald have been actively investing in web3 and cryptocurrency for over six years.

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Last modified: February 9, 2024
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