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### Microsoft Introduces AI Copilot Switch to Windows Laptops After 30-Year Hiatus

Microsoft announced that some Windows keyboards will get a new AI chatbot key to help serve as an &…

Sam Altman’s reentry to OpenAI, five weeks subsequent to his departure from “Making Money,” elicited responses from Wall Street Alliance Group associate Aadil Zaman and Peapack Private Wealth Management’s managing director, David Dietze.

In a bid to facilitate user engagement in what Microsoft has dubbed “the AI transformation,” the company is introducing a new button on select Windows keyboards dedicated to an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Yusuf Mehdi, disclosed in a recent blog post that commencing this quarter, certain personal computers running Windows 11 may feature revamped keys highlighting the significance of “Copilot.”

Mehdi emphasized that the introduction of this new feature marks 2024 as the year of the AI PC, signifying the second major overhaul of the Windows PC keyboard in nearly thirty years.

Reflecting on the development, Mehdi remarked, “Almost three decades ago, we introduced the Windows key on the PC keyboard, enabling users worldwide to interact with Windows. We view this as another milestone in our journey with Windows, where Copilot will act as the gateway to the Artificial realm on PCs.”


microsoft copilot key

To streamline user interaction with its AI assistant, Microsoft is incorporating a new key on Computer laptops. (Microsoft)

While Microsoft has not disclosed the specific system manufacturers adopting the Copilot feature, further details will be unveiled at the Les tech trade show in Las Vegas later this month.

microsoft copilot

Since the integration of the Windows key in the 1990s, Microsoft’s PC laptops have undergone a significant transformation with the inclusion of the Copilot key. (Microsoft)

The company has indicated that the feature will be accessible to users on select products, including upcoming Surface devices, by the end of this month.

OPENAI’s revenue surpassed $1.6 billion this year following CEO SAM ALTMAN’s initiatives.

A dispute arose as The New York Times accused OpenAI and Microsoft of utilizing Times’ content to train AI models without authorization, thereby infringing upon the publication’s rights. Microsoft is actively expanding AI capabilities for PC users in response.
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Last modified: January 17, 2024
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