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### Warning from FBI: Scammers Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Manipulate Visual Content

As more and more people live their lives out on social media, posting and sharing pictures and vide…

Criminals and fraudsters are exploiting the images and videos shared on social media by individuals to identify their next targets. An FBI Special Agent and Public Affairs Officer highlighted the prevalence of personal images online, making individuals vulnerable to the manipulation of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to create malicious content.

Johnson emphasized that individuals, including children and adults, reported instances where explicit content was added to their photos and videos without consent. This misuse of technology involves fabricating images that associate innocent faces with inappropriate activities, causing distress to the victims.

The dissemination of false information occurs on social media and adult websites, leading to harassment and blackmail. Although the exact number of cases in the Midwest remains undisclosed, victims often resort to paying to prevent the circulation of these doctored images, inducing fear and distress.

To combat this threat, the FBI is working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies to address the proliferation of A.I.-generated content. Despite the evolving nature of this technology, efforts are underway to enhance detection and prevention measures.

In light of these risks, experts recommend open communication with children to understand their online activities and connections. Establishing a trusting relationship can facilitate discussions on internet safety and responsible digital behavior.

By fostering awareness and education on online safety, individuals can mitigate the risks associated with A.I. exploitation. Vigilance in monitoring online content, setting device restrictions, and engaging in conversations about cybersecurity are crucial steps in safeguarding against potential threats.

As technology advances, the responsible use of A.I. is paramount in maintaining a secure online environment. By adopting proactive measures such as regular privacy checks, social media security settings, and image searches, individuals can protect themselves and their families from cyber exploitation.

The FBI encourages the public to exercise caution online, remain vigilant about their digital footprint, and leverage available tools for online protection. As investigations into sextortion cases progress, the focus remains on holding perpetrators of these crimes accountable, irrespective of the A.I. element involved.

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Last modified: December 20, 2023
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