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### AI Impact on Modern Exhibition Medicine

MIT Curator Reveals the ‘Secrets of the Pyramids’.

People abandon various items like tools, documents, or equipment as society evolves, which may end up in a “technology gallery” for posterity. Maintaining such galleries involves more than just charging entry fees and displaying outdated technology. At institutions like MIT, the technology galleries house some of the world’s most advanced technological artifacts. This becomes increasingly essential in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), where AI and machine learning innovations shape future narratives, albeit less visibly than historical relics like Babbage’s laptop.

Exploring technology museums often reveals their focus on utilizing technology rather than prioritizing the preservation of technological relics for future generations. These specialized locations are scarce nationwide, with notable exceptions like the Computer History Museum in California, near Silicon Valley, often dubbed “Geeks Valhalla.” These galleries safeguard renowned artifacts such as the ENIAC, showcasing significant technological milestones.

The MIT Museum stands out for its exceptional curation of authentic equipment and systems. Visitors can delve into the museum’s collection through engaging presentations by curator Deborah Douglas. She emphasizes the museum’s role as a collecting institution, guiding visitors on artifact handling protocols, and prompting inquiries into the origins of the objects on display. Douglas sheds light on pioneering projects like the Boston arm and MIT knee initiatives, highlighting figures like Robert Mann and Woodie Claude Flowers and their contributions to MIT’s technological legacy.

Moreover, Douglas delves into the historical evolution of engineering and technology, showcasing efforts to revolutionize executive education and support systems for individuals with disabilities. The museum’s exhibitions underscore the significance of preserving artifacts to illustrate the progress of engineering and technology over time. By showcasing valuable relics, such as those related to the early days of the Internet, these institutions pave the way for future generations’ advancements based on past learnings.

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Last modified: January 9, 2024
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