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– Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Capabilities Unveiled

Samsung promises us an AI phone, and it delivered in a handsome fashion with its flagships. Take a …

Samsung introduced the Galaxy AI pledge during its lavish Unpacked launch event, unveiling a multitude of pleasant surprises, especially in terms of practical and valuable offerings. The Galaxy S24 series took center stage as the exclusive non-Pidge phone capable of locally running Google’s Gemini Nano model, bringing forth a range of new AI-driven features, some of which function seamlessly even without an internet connection.

While Samsung may implement charges for select premium AI functionalities, the exceptional quality of these features remains undisputed. Here is a concise overview of the impressive features that Samsung is presenting with the Galaxy S24 line phones:

Circle to Look

Building upon the groundwork laid by Google Lens, Circle to Look leverages generative AI technology and integrates it with advancements in multi-search capabilities. Essentially, it combines the image search and text search functionalities of Google Lens into a unified query. For example, you can capture an image of a chameleon in the Google app and add a query like “Where is this reptile found?” alongside the image.

The standout feature here is the image search functionality. For instance, if you come across an unfamiliar item while browsing a meal on Instagram, simply long-press the home button or the navigation bar at the bottom, draw a circle around the unidentified object, and initiate a search for related images.

Galaxy S24 Series: How to Use Circle to Look | Samsung

If drawing circles isn’t your preference, you can alternatively scribble, tap, or highlight the item on the screen. When you highlight a portion of text, the search results may offer a summary along with relevant website links. All of this seamlessly takes place within the app you are currently using, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.

Life Translation

A standout AI feature, Life Translation provides real-time language translations during voice calls, all processed locally on the device. Importantly, none of the call details or logs leave your phone or are processed on external cloud servers.

The on-device transcription feature of Life Translation on the Galaxy S24 is a significant advantage, ensuring privacy and security during voice calls. Additionally, users have the flexibility to use any type of phone, whether a mobile device or a landline, without any technological barriers.

When initiating a call, users will notice a new Call Assist button above the core dialer controls. Activating this button presents two options: Text call and Life Translation. Enabling Life Translation allows users to select the desired language for translation, facilitating smooth two-way communication.

Another notable aspect is the real-time transcription of sentences during calls, with translated text displayed below each message bubble. The in-call Life Translation feature seamlessly integrates into Samsung’s pre-installed Phone app on the Galaxy S24 series phones, requiring no additional setup.

Currently supporting 13 languages, including English, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, among others, Life Translation also conveniently retains users’ language preferences for future calls.


Expanding on the capabilities of Life Translation, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series introduces Interpreter, a feature designed for real-time translation and transcription of voice notes during in-person conversations involving individuals speaking different languages. Notably, Interpreter operates independently of Wi-Fi or internet connectivity, ensuring seamless functionality on-device.

Console Rendering

Samsung integrates a local language feature into the default keyboard app for Galaxy S24 series phones, following Google’s Gboard’s lead. This real-time language translation feature provides users with a preview of translated text as they type, enhancing communication efficiency.

Message Versions

Introducing a local language system within the Messages app, Samsung offers functionality similar to Google Translate for mobile devices. Users can effortlessly switch language controls and view message exchanges between sender and receiver in a floating balloon at the top of the chat window.

AI Summaries in Notes App

Samsung enhances user experiences with the Notes app by introducing an AI summary feature inspired by Google’s Bard handbook. Users can customize the summary format, including options to adjust text colors and spacing with a single tap, akin to applying filters to images. The AI neatly organizes lengthy text into bullet points and headers, streamlining content consumption.


Photomoji enables users to create personalized emojis by selecting images from their camera gallery. By long-pressing on a chat bubble to access emoji reactions, users can choose an image from their local photo album, which the onboard conceptual AI quickly transforms into a unique emoji symbol.

Magical Generate

Introducing another generative AI feature, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series incorporates Magical Generate, which assists users in composing messages by providing context-aware suggestions or sentences in real-time as they type. Users can adjust the style of these AI-generated responses by selecting from various presets, enabling personalized and tone-appropriate message composition.

AI-Powered Image Editing

Samsung’s innovative AI-powered image editing feature simplifies photo enhancements with one-tap prompts. For instance, users can easily remove unwanted elements like shadows from portraits, utilizing technologies such as Magic Eraser from Google and Firefly pixel-fill technology from Adobe. The AI seamlessly handles tasks like adjusting body angles or relocating objects within images, offering a user-friendly editing experience.

Instant Slow-Moving

Samsung’s Pro Visual Engine introduces captivating effects to videos, allowing users to effortlessly create slow-motion videos with a single tap. By generating AI-generated frames between video frames, Instant Slow-Moving ensures smooth playback quality, enhancing the viewing experience.

Transcript Assistance

The Recorder software on Galaxy S24 line phones features an AI-powered transcript assistance tool that automatically attributes sentences to each speaker during recordings. This functionality is particularly useful for summarizing group meetings or lectures efficiently, ensuring clarity and organization in recorded content.

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