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### Unveiling an Accountability Gap in AI Implementation by Businesses in the UKG Study

While nearly 80% of execs say their companies use AI, only 42% of employees report using AI at work…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, akin to the air we breathe, yet many are unaware of its pervasive presence.

While 78% of C-suite executives acknowledge the integration of AI in their operations, only 42% of employees worldwide believe that AI is being utilized in their workplaces, as per a recent survey by UKG encompassing over 4,000 individuals.

Hugo Sarrazin, UKG’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, emphasized the survey’s revelation of a significant disparity between senior management and employees concerning the adoption of AI within organizations. He underscored the necessity for increased transparency regarding the implementation of AI technologies.

Speaking to HR Brew, Sarrazin stated, “This technological revolution is ongoing, with more to come; similar transformations have occurred in the past. It is crucial to articulate your objectives and align them with the business advantages if you aim to bring your workforce along on this journey.”

In response to the surge in interest following the introduction of ChatGPT a year ago, company leaders swiftly devised novel approaches to incorporate AI into their workflows.

Sarrazin noted that while some claims about AI deployment may be exaggerated, the rapid pace at which businesses are embracing AI is unmistakable.

Reflecting on the impact of GPT’s emergence and OpenAI’s subsequent unveiling to the public, Sarrazin remarked, “It was a moment of realization for many, a watershed event.”

Despite the familiarity that many employees have with utilizing tools like ChatGPT or Bard for creative endeavors, their perception of AI in the workplace differs from the practical applications they encounter.

“There exists a disparity in understanding,” he asserted. “A lack of clarity. A disconnection between my professional duties and my personal interactions online.”

It is incumbent upon companies to delineate the utilization of AI in the workplace, elucidate its constraints, and advocate for secure and optimal practices to leverage conceptual AI for enhanced productivity. Clarity on the organizational strategy and its implications on workflow can empower employees following the integration of cutting-edge AI technologies.

The survey underscores the inadequacy of transparency, communication, training, and perhaps a lack of comprehensive comprehension of the prerequisites for effective AI implementation.

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Last modified: February 9, 2024
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