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### Jeffrey Gundlach Warns of Financial Pain as AI Stocks Surge, Drawing Parallels to Dot-Com Bubble

Jeffrey Gundlach said he doesn’t want to own the Magnificent Seven stocks at these price leve…

DoubleLine Capital’s CEO, Jeffrey Gundlach, drew parallels between the current surge in companies driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the infamous dot-com bubble. He expressed concerns about the market resembling the exuberance of 1999, highlighting the potential risks of persistent inflation and an impending economic downturn.

During a recent discussion on X Spaces, Gundlach emphasized the similarities between the current market environment and the dot-com bubble era. He pointed out the rapid surge in the Nasdaq index in the fourth quarter of 1999, followed by a significant decline within a year. Describing the market as “grabby” and momentum-fueled, he advocated for a diversified investment approach rather than concentrating on a few stocks.

Gundlach specifically mentioned the “Beautiful Seven,” a group of prominent companies like Nvidia and Microsoft, whose substantial market presence raises concerns about market-cap imbalance in major indexes such as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. While acknowledging the profitability of companies like Meta compared to their dot-com predecessors, he cautioned against the heightened risks associated with a market that has experienced significant growth.

In addition to the impact of AI on market dynamics, Gundlach highlighted the potential consequences of anticipated interest rate cuts on stock performance. He warned that rising crude oil prices could fuel inflation, leading to an inflationary economic slowdown. Moreover, he expressed concerns about the Federal Reserve potentially adopting overly aggressive measures in response to economic challenges, which could exacerbate inflationary pressures.

Echoing Gundlach’s apprehensions, billionaire bond investor Bill Gross raised questions about the record-high stock market levels amidst rising interest rates. He attributed this trend to factors such as fiscal deficit spending, AI enthusiasm, and irrational exuberance, which have overshadowed market fundamentals.

Further emphasizing the market risks, John Hussman, president of Hussman Investment Trust, issued a stark warning about the extreme overvaluation of stocks. Drawing parallels to historical market peaks in 1929 and 2022, he characterized the current market conditions as indicative of an unprecedented speculative bubble in US financial history, cautioning investors about the potential consequences of such exuberance.

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