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### Interview with Doug Cockle: Voice Actor for Rivia, Discussing Future Witcher Games, Netflix Film, AI, and More

The Witcher voice actor Doug Cockle has voiced Geralt of Rivia for nearly two decades, and will soo…

In the upcoming Netflix film “Lights of the Deep,” the renowned voice actor Doug Cockle, known for his work as the professional Witcher, will not only voice the White Wolf but also bring his expertise from the realm of video games. With nearly two decades of experience voicing Geralt of Rivia, Cockle shared insights into his latest endeavor in a recent interview with IGN.

During the interview, Cockle delved into his journey portraying Geralt, reflecting on the evolution of The Witcher franchise over the years. From the humble beginnings when the series was relatively unknown outside of Poland to its current widespread popularity, Cockle expressed gratitude for being part of this remarkable adventure.

He recounted how his involvement with The Witcher gradually transitioned from a small project to a global phenomenon, highlighting the transformative impact it had on his career. Cockle’s candid reflections shed light on the unexpected trajectory that led him to become an integral part of The Witcher universe.

In the Netflix animated film “The Witcher: Lights of the Deep,” Cockle’s role as Geralt expands the franchise’s reach even further. Despite initially not expecting to be involved in the project, Cockle embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, bringing his signature portrayal of Geralt to the animated adaptation.

When questioned about the plot of the movie, Cockle remained tight-lipped to avoid spoilers, hinting that the film is based on the specific tale “A Little Sacrifice.” He emphasized the excitement surrounding the project and the creative challenges of voicing Geralt in a linear narrative format compared to the branching storylines of video games.

Reflecting on the changing landscape of the video game industry, Cockle shared his thoughts on the increasing presence of AI technology and its implications for voice actors. He expressed concerns about the potential misuse of voice recordings by AI systems, highlighting the importance of safeguarding actors’ voices and creative contributions.

As discussions turned to future Witcher projects like “Polaris” and “Sirius,” Cockle expressed enthusiasm for the franchise’s evolution and the possibilities it holds. Speculating on the direction of upcoming games and the focus on characters like Ciri, Cockle’s insights offered a glimpse into the expansive world of The Witcher.

In conclusion, Cockle reflected on his favorite moments voicing Geralt, acknowledging the iconic lines that have become synonymous with the character. From Geralt’s stoic demeanor to his humorous interactions, Cockle’s portrayal has left a lasting impact on fans of The Witcher series.

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Last modified: December 28, 2023
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