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### Mandatory Disclosure of Relational AI Utilization by Designers on YouTube

YouTube’s new rules include a requirement that creators reveal whether they’ve used gen…

YouTube is rolling out new directives regarding AI-generated content, including a mandate for creators to disclose the use of conceptual artificial intelligence in creating videos with realistic visuals.

In a recent blog post by Vice Presidents Jennifer Flannery O’Connor and Emily Moxley, it was emphasized that creators who fail to disclose the use of AI tools in producing “altered or synthetic” videos risk having their content removed or facing suspension from the platform’s revenue-sharing program.

While acknowledging the potential of generative AI to foster creativity and enhance user experience, YouTube aims to strike a balance between innovation and community protection.

These guidelines extend beyond Google’s previous stipulations from September, which required clear labels on AI-generated political ads across YouTube and other Google platforms.

Under the upcoming changes set to take effect next year, content creators on YouTube will have the option to indicate if their videos are AI-generated, particularly in cases where events are realistically depicted without occurrence or individuals are portrayed saying or doing things they never did.

Special attention will be given to sensitive topics like elections, conflicts, public health emergencies, and government officials, with improved labeling on videos to inform viewers of the nature of the content.

YouTube’s AI technology will also play a role in swiftly identifying and removing content that violates its policies, thereby addressing emerging forms of abuse more effectively.

Furthermore, the platform will update its private complaint mechanism to accommodate requests for the removal of AI-generated videos that mimic recognizable individuals, including their voice or facial expressions.

In the realm of music, AI-generated audio content imitating a specific artist’s voice will be subject to removal upon request from YouTube music partners such as record labels or distributors.

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Last modified: November 15, 2023
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