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### The Peril of Teenagers: The Dangerous Mix of Social Media and AI

It takes bullying to a whole new level.

Dear Annie:

Upon reading a recent news article detailing high school students utilizing artificial intelligence to create and disseminate explicit images of female peers on social media, I was reminded of a similar incident in Spain that garnered attention. As a parent with a child in elementary school, the impact of AI on the younger generation is a pressing concern. The intersection of AI and social media poses significant risks for children, with cyberbullying reaching alarming levels.

I vividly recall an unsettling incident at my daughter’s school, where a student solicited peers to pass judgment on a classmate’s appearance based on a posted photograph. The spectrum of responses ranged from kind to outright malicious, prompting reflection on the potential role each child could play in such scenarios.

Considering the gravity of the situation, perhaps it is time to contemplate legislative measures akin to restrictions on alcohol and tobacco to shield youngsters from the perils of social media. Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly valued.

Dear Anti-Social Media for Children:

I share your profound apprehension regarding the impact of social media, particularly when coupled with the influence of AI, on children. While bullying has long been a concern, the digital landscape has transformed it into a persistent and far-reaching menace. The permanence of online interactions exacerbates the repercussions of bullying, contributing to a distressing rise in youth fatalities.

The urgency for legislative intervention to address the root causes perpetuating online harassment and abuse is underscored by the influx of correspondence on this distressing issue. Collaboration among lawmakers is imperative to mitigate the pervasive harm inflicted by the intersection of technology and youth vulnerability.

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Last modified: February 28, 2024
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