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### Enhancing Phishing Campaigns in 2024: Leveraging Large-Scale Data Operations and Advanced AI

Google Cloud forecasts continued use of gen AI to create smarter campaigns while cybersecurity pros…

Before the commencement of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when Russian APT groups infiltrated Ukrainian networks and executed a destructive assault concurrently with active measures, some nations potentially deployed wiper malware. As per the report, malicious wiper malware is expected to be strategically positioned at critical targets by 2024 amidst escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait and other global security concerns.

Moreover, Google Cloud has predicted the targeting of space-based infrastructure, the advancement of attacks on hybrid and multi-cloud environments, an increase in threat actors leveraging cloud services, persistent extortion campaigns, espionage activities, dormant botnets, and the resurgence of anti-virtual machine tactics and SystemFunctionXX, among other trends.

A surge in the development of software by malicious developers in languages such as Go, Yellow, and Swift is projected. This trend is attributed to the superior development experience, advanced low-level capabilities, extensive standard library support, and seamless integration with third-party resources offered by these languages. Supply chain attacks on software package managers are anticipated as a method to compromise developers.

Stability in prices is foreseen due to the rise in security insurance. With a growing demand from customers for comprehensive risk management and threat intelligence solutions within their security operations, Google Cloud also envisions a heightened consolidation of Security Operations (SecOps).

Stay Alert for Local Dynamics in 2024

A rise in nation-state and other threat actors engaging in cyber activities in preparation for the forthcoming US presidential election is expected. These activities may include voter impersonation on social media, espionage efforts, influence operations targeting political structures, and information warfare. The US government is likely to encounter an uptick in weaponized phishing attacks and other malicious activities, particularly originating from China, Russia, and Iran.

Furthermore, elections are scheduled in Taiwan, South Korea, India, and Indonesia, with associated events expected to unfold. The delineation of China’s territorial boundaries may emerge as a contentious issue during the electoral processes in India and Indonesia.

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