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### AI Products Deemed Unsafe for Kids by Common Sense Media

An independent review of popular AI tools has found that many — including Snapchat’s My…

Some popular AI resources, including Snapchat’s My AI, DALLE, and Stable Diffusion, have raised concerns about their suitability for children based on an independent review. Common Sense Media, a volunteer advocacy organization known for providing internet safety ratings to parents, conducted the evaluation. This initiative aims to assist parents in evaluating various AI products such as chatbots and image generators that their children may interact with.

Common Sense Media introduced a new rating system earlier this year to assess AI products, considering factors like ethical AI practices and child-friendliness. The decision to implement this system was influenced by a survey revealing that 82% of parents sought guidance on the safety of new AI technologies like ChatGPT for their children, with only 40% aware of reliable sources for such information.

The initial AI product ratings by Common Sense Media focus on evaluating products based on ethical considerations such as trust, privacy, transparency, and social impact. The review covered a range of AI software, including educational tools like Bard and ChatGPT, as well as relational AI products like Snap’s My AI, DALL-E, and others.

Tracy Pizzo-Frey, Senior Advisor of AI at Common Sense Media, highlighted the biases inherent in AI models due to the vast internet data used for training. The rankings aim to encourage developers to implement safeguards against misinformation and biases in AI systems.

Snapchat’s My AI, known for its quirky responses, received a two-star rating from Common Sense Media. While the chatbot was deemed more peculiar than harmful, it occasionally reinforced stereotypes and raised privacy concerns. Similar issues were noted in conceptual AI models like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, which exhibited tendencies to objectify individuals and perpetuate gender stereotypes.

Educational AI products like Ello’s reading tutor and Khanmingo from Khan Academy received positive reviews for prioritizing ethical AI practices and user privacy. These products, designed for educational purposes, aim to provide a safe and fair learning environment for children.

Common Sense Media plans to continue assessing new AI products to inform parents, families, as well as policymakers and regulators about the implications of AI technologies on children and society. The organization’s founder, James P. Steyer, emphasizes the importance of understanding the ethical considerations and potential risks associated with AI to safeguard users, especially children and teenagers, from potential harm.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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