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### Superior Performance of Clinical Assistants Over Physicians in AI-Induced Brain Attacks

Powerful Medical cardio’s AI powered clinical assistant outperforms doctors when diagnosing heart a…

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vascular disease impacts over 523 million individuals globally, with 19 million incidents reported in 2020.

The Queen of Hearts artificial intelligence (AI) model, utilized by Powerful Medical cardio (PMcardio platform), has demonstrated superior performance in diagnosing heart attacks compared to medical professionals, as stated by the company.

Recent data from GlobalData indicates a rising trend in the integration of AI algorithms in cardiology, facilitating the analysis of cardiovascular data to identify patterns, anomalies, and subtle indicators of cardiac conditions that might elude individual interpretation.

Leveraging information from a database of 500,000 patients, the PMcardio system is designed to detect heart attacks, boasting the capability to recognize such events three hours earlier than a human clinician.

Dr. Robert Herman, the chief medical officer at Powerful Medical, highlights the alarming statistic that one in four individuals succumb to a heart attack within five years, emphasizing the urgency of prompt intervention to prevent irreversible damage to cardiac muscles. He underscores the particular challenge faced by women, whose heart attack symptoms are often less conspicuous, underscoring the critical need for timely and accurate diagnosis.

The efficacy of the AI model has been demonstrated in over 20,000 patient clinical trials, with applications spanning 60 projects worldwide, including collaborations with renowned institutions such as Belgium’s Cardiovascular Center Aalst, Minneapolis Heart Institute, Christ Hospital, and Prairie Hospital.

Powerful Medical’s CEO, Martin Herman, notes that the economic burden of heart-related issues surpasses $150 billion annually, with approximately 3 million patients seeking emergency care for chest pain in the United States each year. Through comprehensive clinical trials, the Queen of Hearts AI model has exhibited a significant potential to reduce costs by enabling precise patient management and prioritization.

In a strategic move, PMcardio commenced the deployment of its AI medical assistant to over 7 million high-risk individuals for heart attacks in the UK by March 2023, aiming to enhance proactive healthcare interventions.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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