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**Enhance Your Employers’ Access to AI with Cielo’s Skill Acquisition Tools**

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Cielo, the leading Talent Acquisition Partner in the nation, is introducing a range of innovative devices that leverage automation and AI to enhance the hiring process for businesses. The latest AI-powered tools from Cielo are designed to deliver on these commitments. As per Cielo’s CEO Matt Jones, “Digital Accelerators empower recruiters by integrating technology and AI capabilities with the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, industry expertise, and extensive talent databases supported by human intelligence.” The success of even the most compelling solution hinges on customer adoption, as the industry relies on technology to empower TA teams and streamline recruitment processes. Recognizing that technology is effective only when embraced by users, these tools are designed with a focus on enhancing member and manager experiences.

Drawing insights from TA professionals, Cielo has translated its wealth of knowledge on best interviewing practices into Digital Accelerators, creating innovative intelligent tools that address the primary pain points in today’s recruitment processes. While groundbreaking innovations are rare, Cielo’s first tool, Cielo Source & Engage, aims to revolutionize the sourcing, matching, hiring, and scheduling of qualified talent. By consolidating sourcing channels into a single, time-saving platform that prioritizes candidate experience, this tool enables the prompt delivery of qualified and relevant candidates to enhance overall productivity and foster stronger connections, according to Felix Wetzel, Vice President of Product Management.

“Cielo’s leadership in technology-driven recruitment services provides a solid groundwork for the advancement of recruiting technologies such as Digital Incubators,” notes Arkadev Basak, Partner at Everest Group. The market’s response to the company’s innovative suite of AI-powered intelligent tools, supported by TA delivery expertise, as it enters the HR tech arena will be intriguing. Cielo’s ongoing developments underscore its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of business leaders in today’s dynamic corporate landscape.

Amidst a crowded market landscape promoting skills intelligence services, Cielo’s Digital Startups stand out, remarks Kyle Lagunas, Head of Strategy at Aptitude Research. These solutions are meticulously crafted to empower frontline talent acquisition teams to operate more efficiently, consistently, and at a larger scale. Lagunas expresses keen interest in how talent managers and program administrators will leverage Cielo’s forthcoming intelligent tools to identify opportunities and gaps while navigating competitive talent environments. Wetzel adds, “We understand that candidate expectations vary globally, which is why Cielo Source & Engage, along with our entire suite of Digital Accelerators, has been extensively tested by TA experts.” While the application is currently accessible only in the United States, plans are underway to make it available to employers worldwide in the near future.

Stay tuned for more innovative tools from the Digital Accelerators suite. Future products will empower TA leaders to scale data analysis, predict attrition accurately, craft job descriptions, optimize talent acquisition advertising, and more. These tools will leverage advanced AI to provide actionable insights. About Cielo: Cielo stands as the premier global Talent Acquisition partner, offering enhanced Talent Acquisition, Search, Consulting, and Digital AcceleratorsTM services to elevate the talent experience for all. Through our innovative approach, we develop comprehensive, tested solutions driven by technology to identify and retain exceptional talent that sets our clients apart from the competition. For more information, visit cielotalent.com.

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Last modified: November 14, 2023
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