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**Pre-order the AI-powered ChatGPT band that fits snugly on your wrist**

The WIZPR ring won a CES 2024 Innovation Award and is now launching for pre-orders on Kickstarter.

Have you ever desired to control AI with your hands? One company is offering a unique solution to do just that. WIZPR, an AI-enabled ring, enables users to interact with their preferred AI assistant by whispering into the device. The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign to promote this innovative product.

With the WIZPR ring, users can communicate with their AI assistant without the need to press any buttons or use a wake word. The ring is designed to illuminate when the hand is brought close to the mouth, allowing for seamless interaction. It is adept at capturing whispers and low-volume voices outdoors. Users can listen to the AI’s responses through wireless earbuds connected to the ring.

Additionally, VTouch suggests that WIZPR will offer integrations with various AI tools that can be customized through the ring’s companion smartphone app. Users will have access to AI assistants like ChatGPT and Gemini simply by speaking to the ring on their hand. The WIZPR ring also enables users to manage smart home devices, check schedules, send emails, and access other services using voice commands, eliminating the need to touch their phone or use wake words.

According to VTouch’s co-founder and CEO SJ Kim, AI-based conversational computing is poised to revolutionize user interfaces beyond traditional devices like PCs and smartphones. The WIZPR ring aims to establish a voice-centric environment where users can engage with AI effortlessly from any location without relying on visual displays.

For those who prefer a non-voice interface, WIZPR offers a switch feature to toggle between AI assistants such as ChatGPT and Gemini with a single click. By pressing two buttons consecutively, users can activate the revision mode, allowing them to correct mispronounced words.

Moreover, pressing the button three times initiates a contextual conversation between the AI on the WIZPR ring and the AI on the user’s phone, utilizing information from messages and calendars. In case of emergencies, the SOS mode can be triggered by pressing the button five times, sending surrounding sounds to designated contacts.

While most current smart rings focus on health monitoring, WIZPR stands out as an AI-powered extension of personal devices, emphasizing productivity over fitness. By combining advanced health tracking features with AI capabilities, WIZPR has the potential to redefine the smart ring market.

The WIZPR ring is offered in sizes 6 to 13, available in black or silver (formerly known as the WHSP ring). Early adopters can pre-order the WIZPR ring on Kickstarter at a discounted price of \(139, with the price set to increase to \)199.

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