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– Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Criticizes ChatGPT

Jimmy Wales tells Euronews Next about the “terrible” early stages of ChatGPT, the lesso…

Jimmy Wales discussed the challenging early stages of ChatGPT, the OpenAI session, and his open-source social media platform with Euronews Next.

As per Jimmy Wales, the founder of the platform, Euronews Next, the current state of ChatGPT, a highly popular generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by OpenAI, is considered a “mess” when utilized for crafting Wikipedia articles. He expressed dissatisfaction with a Wikipedia article generated by ChatGPT-4 today, labeling it as “terrible” and “non-functional,” citing issues such as missing crucial information, inaccuracies, fabricated sources, and overall disorder in the content.

Wales also voiced his belief that it could take up to 50 years to achieve remarkable advancements in AI development. Despite foreseeing a future where AI surpasses human capabilities, he emphasized the ongoing role of AI tools in supporting academic pursuits, acknowledging their current nascent stage.

OpenAI made a significant impact with its chatbot AI, ChatGPT, during the previous season, establishing itself as a prominent startup in the United States. The technology, which mimics human-like responses based on online data, has been utilized for various tasks like essay writing, composing music, and offering health advice, despite occasional inaccuracies. However, the company faced internal turmoil following the temporary dismissal and subsequent rehiring of its CEO and co-founder, Sam Altman, in response to employee unrest.

Wales expressed concern over the disruptive events within OpenAI but anticipated a swift recovery for the business. He highlighted the importance of effective management and decision-making processes for startups, emphasizing the need for strategic foresight even in the early stages of development.

Regarding the potential collaboration between AI and Wikipedia, Wales remained open to leveraging AI for error detection and correction in Wikipedia articles, envisioning a system that cross-references content for accuracy. While contemplating the integration of open-source AI into Wikipedia operations, he stressed the necessity of cautious consideration to prevent jeopardizing the core functions of the platform.

Wikipedia’s reliance on online data to generate content underscores the significance of accuracy and impartiality in combating bias. Wales acknowledged the challenges posed by bias, emphasizing the need for diversity to mitigate skewed perspectives. He emphasized the critical role of Wikipedia in shaping AI models and underscored the responsibility to uphold accuracy and fairness in content creation.

In response to the controversy involving Elon Musk’s provocative remarks towards Wikipedia, Wales criticized the spread of misinformation and online hostility. He highlighted the detrimental impact of toxic behavior on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and emphasized the importance of maintaining a safe online environment to sustain advertising revenue.

Wales shared insights into his own venture, Trust Cafe, a unique social networking platform designed to empower trustworthy users. Drawing inspiration from platforms like X and Reddit, Trust Cafe aims to foster open discussions while prioritizing user engagement and moderation. Wales emphasized the platform’s commitment to promoting positive interactions and constructive dialogue among users.

Overall, Jimmy Wales’ discussions with Euronews Next shed light on the evolving landscape of AI technology, the challenges of bias in content creation, and the importance of fostering a responsible and inclusive online community.

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Last modified: February 3, 2024
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