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### Mobilizing All Personnel: Unisys CEO Peter Altabef’s Call to Action for Artificial Intelligence

Unisys is moving to make AI a part of every one of its employees’ skillsets because of the recognit…

With the prevalent discourse on artificial intelligence, there appears to be a tendency to overlook quantum computing. Have we underestimated its transformative potential? Contrary to this perception, Unisys Chairman and CEO Peter Altabef asserts that the integration of both technologies yields a diverse array of solutions.

Exploring Investment Opportunities

Unisys recently introduced the Logistics Optimization technology, marking its initial significant venture into quantum computing on a global scale. While Unisys’ venture into quantum computing is relatively nascent, the company, headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, has established itself as a pioneer in delivering authentic artificial intelligence solutions to its clients and workforce.

Peter Altabef, at the helm of Unisys as its chairman and CEO, disclosed to CRN that the company secured a prominent position. According to CRN’s Solution Provider 500, AI serves as a foundational element across all facets of the company’s operations, with both employees and clients embracing conceptual AI in the upcoming era.

Altabef emphasized the all-encompassing integration of AI within Unisys, stating that every aspect of their operations, from education to strategic planning, revolves around incorporating conceptual AI into their solutions. He underscored the ongoing commitment to enhancing operational efficiency through AI integration.

While acknowledging the exaggerated short-term impact of relational AI in terms of investment requirements and immediate outcomes, Altabef remains steadfast in his belief in its enduring significance. He views it as a transformative force that can revolutionize not only their business but the entire industry landscape.

Unisys is not only venturing into quantum technology but is also striving to embed AI and conceptual AI into every client solution and operational process. Altabef emphasized the company’s dedicated efforts to synergize quantum processing with historical and generative AI, eschewing mere superficial integration.

Altabef highlighted the uncharted territory of quantum processing, asserting that it presents a realm yet to be fully explored. Amidst the AI-centric discussions, the significance of quantum computing should not be underestimated. The convergence of these technologies holds the promise of groundbreaking solutions, representing a distinct category of resolutions.

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Last modified: February 28, 2024
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