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### Top Concerns of California Professionals in AI-Related Fields

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KSWB) — It’s a topic that keeps coming up in conversation — how will artificial …

California’s SAN DIEGO The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future workforce is a recurring topic of discussion, as reported by KSWB.

The term “IoT,” as defined by Britannica, pertains to “the ability of a digital system or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks typically associated with intelligent individuals.”

AI, on the other hand, aims to imbue devices with human-like cognitive abilities to further elucidate this concept. This encompasses the capacity for explanation, comprehension, contextualization, and learning from past experiences.

California senators have introduced legislation aimed at enhancing red flag gun laws.

The question arises: could drones potentially replace human workers? This scenario is plausible in certain contexts. For example, the world’s first AI-powered fully autonomous restaurant recently opened in Southern California, equipped with robotic kitchen staff.

Are certain individuals more apprehensive than others regarding the impact of AI on the workforce? A recent study conducted by DevRev, a cloud-based platform for software development and customer support, analyzed online search data to identify the most concerned job sectors.

Researchers at DevRev, utilizing job-related keywords, identified the top five professions in California perceived to be most vulnerable to AI advancements. The subsequent inquiries were conducted using Google Keyword Planner:

—”AI impact on…”

Will AI substitute…

What implications does AI pose?

Fatigued? California ranks among the states with the highest prevalence of sleep disorders.

Based on this analysis, here are the professions in California most apprehensive about AI:

RankingCareerNo. 1.LawyersNo. 2.ArtistsNo. 3.AccountantsNo. 4.DoctorsNo. 5.Information Researchers
This study revealed that doctors exhibit the highest level of concern regarding AI in California and the United States as a whole. In response to these findings, a DevRev spokesperson remarked:

According to this study, professionals in the fields of art, accounting, medicine, information research, and across America are the least enthusiastic about AI advancements. However, rather than entirely displacing individuals in these sectors, AI is likely to complement human roles in the future.

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Last modified: January 8, 2024
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