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### Creating a Website Using AI-Powered WordPress Starter Templates in Just 60 Minutes

Astra Starter Templates 3.5.2 integrates ZipWP AI Website Builder that claims to be able to create …

Astra Starter Templates by Brainstorm Force, boasting over one million active installations, have introduced the incorporation of the ZipWP AI website builder. This integration empowers users to craft complete websites, encompassing both content and images.

With a collection of more than 280 customizable website templates, aiding users in swiftly crafting professional-looking websites, Astra Starter Templates stand out as one of the most sought-after templates globally, with a user base exceeding one million active installations.

While the process of crafting websites using templates and page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder traditionally demanded a moderate learning curve, the inclusion of ZipWP in the WPAstra Starter Templates resolves this issue by bringing the simplicity of closed-source web design to the open-source WordPress ecosystem.

ZipWP, a revolutionary website builder harnessing artificial intelligence, facilitates rapid creation of functional WordPress websites without the necessity of coding or technical expertise. This tool, available both as a standalone version and integrated into the WPAstra Starter Templates, streamlines tasks ranging from installation and design to content creation and image selection for a fully configured website.

ZipWP boldly asserts that its AI technology can generate an entire website within a mere sixty seconds.

Screenshot of ZipWP Website


Both the standalone iteration and the version intertwined with the WPAstra Starter Templates provide features such as automated website design, content generation, and drag-and-drop customization of webpages, ensuring that website creation is user-friendly across all proficiency levels.

The primary objective is not necessarily to supplant web designers; rather, it serves as a valuable tool for agencies seeking to expand their web design services efficiently while still maintaining complete control and leveraging the advantages of the open-source WordPress environment.

Consequently, users leveraging the ZipWP functionality must register an account with ZipWP.

ZipWP presents users with both free and premium options. The free tier permits the creation of up to three websites monthly, while the premium tier, priced at $399 per year, enables users to craft up to ten websites daily, along with additional benefits.

As per the WPAstra changelog announcement:

“Users will need to link their ZipWP account and furnish their business particulars, following which the system will automatically generate content and images for patterns and pages based on the specified business information.”

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Last modified: February 6, 2024
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