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### BSC Highlights AI-Generated Play

The Bismarck State College theatre department is putting on a play that was entirely written by an …

The debut of Chat GPT, an AI program, was made public last year and has since been under scrutiny for its wide range of applications. The theatre department at Bismarck State College embraced this cutting-edge technology by organizing a play entirely generated by the AI system.

While human hands crafted the set, every element of the play, from the concept and imagery to the music and dialogue, was conceived by the AI. Associate Professor Dean Bellin stated, “We assigned Chat GPT the task of developing a play focused on its own existence.”

Titled “The AI Plays,” this collection comprises eight plays and monologues delving into themes of technology, its progression, and society’s attitudes towards its advancement. Actress Paige Jung admitted to initial doubts, mentioning, “I was uncertain about its potential success given AI’s usual constraints in artistic pursuits.”

Bellin and the students engaged in conversations about the future role of technology, providing prompts to Chat GPT. The resulting scripts remained unchanged to preserve the authenticity of the AI’s creations. Bellin stressed, “Our objective was to accurately represent the technology to the best of our abilities.”

While the actors appreciated Chat GPT’s humor, they struggled to emotionally connect with the text, missing the human touch found in scripts inspired by personal experiences. Jung observed, “It’s challenging to resonate with certain phrases as they lack the essence of the human spirit.”

Amid a 148-day strike by screenwriters earlier this summer, concerns arose about AI supplanting human creativity. Through this play, the BSC team aims to dispel such concerns and underscore AI’s potential to enhance rather than replace human creativity in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Actor Josh Alarcon highlighted the inevitability of AI’s integration into the arts and emphasized the significance of utilizing it as a tool for artistic expression. Bellin further commented, “The enduring presence of AI in the arts demands our acknowledgment and adjustment, shaping its influence for better or for worse.”

Bellin proudly announced “The AI Plays” as the premier AI-scripted collegiate American production, set to be staged at the Sidney J. Lee Auditorium on the BSC campus from December 7 to 10. Tickets can be purchased both at the venue and online.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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