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### Leveraging AI to Bring Memes to Life: How the Internet’s Boredom Spurs Animated Creations

Generative AI is bringing old memes to life thanks to its text to video features, making them as fu…

The meme market is experiencing a surge in activity this week, largely due to the integration of artificial intelligence. On one front, enthusiasts of generative AI art are exploring the capabilities of tools like “Make It More” to amplify the cuteness or flamboyance of content. Conversely, digital artists are revisiting traditional concepts and breathing new life into them, albeit in a slightly altered form.

Decrypt has been diligently monitoring the evolution of generative video technologies, from Pika Labs’ transition out of beta to Meta’s unveiling of EMU Video and Stability AI’s introduction of Stable Video Diffusion. These cutting-edge tools are now being harnessed to animate familiar static images.

Individuals are taking well-established still-image memes—essentially the foundation of all memes thus far—and leveraging generative video software to introduce dynamic animation frames. This technique effectively transforms a solitary image into a brief video clip. While some outcomes are captivating, injecting fresh vitality into iconic visuals, others venture into the realm of the peculiar, challenging conventional norms of animation.

A particularly unsettling instance is the animated rendition of the “Disaster Girl” meme. The pervasive image of a young girl grinning mischievously in front of a burning house has been animated, yielding a predictably eerie result.

Numerous internet memes have undergone animation through Stability AI’s latest tool. Renowned for its Stable Diffusion image manipulation tool, the company has now delved into video production, offering a platform for the creation of truly unconventional animations.

Another notable transformation is seen in the classic “distracted boyfriend” meme, now depicted in a glitchy, surreal animation where facial features contort in defiance of reality.

For those seeking further intrigue, behold the animated adaptation of the “success kid” meme. This iteration boasts enhanced fluidity compared to its predecessors, demonstrating that not all animated memes need to evoke unease. This version could be aptly employed to celebrate achievements, such as profitable ventures into dog-themed cryptocurrencies or other unconventional digital assets.

In the event of setbacks leading to financial losses (commonly referred to as getting REKT), the AI community offers a fitting animated meme, naturally.

As we venture deeper into this uncharted territory of AI-generated content, the realm of memes stands poised for a potential renaissance. Animated memes exemplify the fusion of advanced technology and leisure time, showcasing the innovative ways in which everyday individuals integrate AI into their lives.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey ahead—the meme-verse is in motion.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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