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**Utilize Orca Huntr AI to Generate Orbit Intelligence Models with Blackshark’s Scrawl**

Blackshark.ai has already made a digital twin of the Earth, and its next play further democratizes …

Blackshark, the innovative AI venture, is revolutionizing the field of spatial intelligence by democratizing access to advanced tools such as the Orca Huntr device. This AI-powered tool, designed with a coastal aesthetic in mind, allows users of all ages and backgrounds, from children to members of Congress, to effortlessly locate and track objects from orbit.

In a recent development, Blackshark secured a substantial $15 million in new funding to support the launch of this groundbreaking technology. Emerging from the gaming sector, the company offers a fresh perspective on interpreting and utilizing aerial and planetary imagery. Their unique system for analyzing images, which underwent significant evolution in both content and source over time, culminated in the creation of a digital twin of Earth in 2020.

During an interview, Putz, a key figure at Blackshark, emphasized the importance of designing versatile systems capable of processing vast amounts of data effectively. The company is currently focused on developing user-friendly methods to harness the power of spatial AI without the need for coding experience or advanced machine learning knowledge.

The Orca Huntr device simplifies complex tasks by allowing users to mark areas of interest with a few strokes, prompting the program to swiftly identify and track similar objects. This intuitive interface conceals the underlying complexity, enabling swift improvements in design by labeling various elements within images.

Unlike traditional image recognition services, Blackshark’s approach involves keeping human oversight integral to the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. By involving users in refining the AI’s output, the company distinguishes itself from competitors who rely solely on automated systems or outsourced expertise.

The Orca Huntr’s capabilities extend beyond basic image recognition, enabling users to identify and track specific features across various contexts, from environmental monitoring to security applications. By empowering individuals with the tools to enhance their work processes, Blackshark has garnered interest from diverse sectors seeking tailored solutions.

Furthermore, Blackshark’s collaboration with Maxar provides access to a rich archive of satellite data, enhancing the platform’s versatility and robustness. The company’s ability to handle diverse data formats sets it apart, making it a valuable resource for supplementing existing datasets and training AI models effectively.

The recent influx of \(15 million in funding from a consortium of investors underscores the industry’s recognition of Blackshark’s potential. With a total raised amount of \)35 million, the company is poised to expand its offerings and further innovate in the spatial intelligence domain.

As Blackshark prepares to launch its device for public testing on December 4, the convergence of interests from major tech companies, space enterprises, and strategic investors highlights the significance of this advancement. The accessibility and adaptability of the Orca Huntr device signal a new era in spatial intelligence, promising transformative applications across various fields.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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