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– AI Model Developed by Organization Generates Up to $11,000 Monthly from Ego-Free Influencers

Aitana López is a Spanish AI model and influencer with 124,000 followers on Instagram. She was crea…
  • Following difficulties in booking authentic models, a modeling agency created an AI-generated influencer named Aitana López.
  • López is showcased in Fanvue images and can generate up to €915, or $1,000, per promotional campaign.
  • The CEO of Fanvue expressed that AI-generated personalities are thriving and gaining traction, as recently shared with Insider.

A modeling agency in Spain has introduced the country’s premier AI influencer, capable of earning up to €10,000, or $11,000 monthly as a model.

As per an interview with Rube Cruz, the founder of The Clueless, a modeling company based in Barcelona responsible for crafting this influencer, Euronews has reported the details.

Aitana López, an AI-generated individual, is depicted as a 25-year-old woman with vibrant red hair. She boasts a following of 124,000 enthusiasts on her Instagram profile.

Cruz disclosed to Euronews the challenges faced while collaborating with real models and celebrities, leading to the decision to create López. Upon introspection of their operational challenges, it was revealed that certain projects were experiencing delays or cancellations due to factors beyond their control. Cruz emphasized that often the hindrances stemmed from the behavior or availability of the influencer or model.

He further elaborated, “Our objective was to enhance our quality of life and reduce dependency on individuals driven by ego, erratic behavior, or solely motivated by financial gain.”

At the time of reporting, López’s Instagram profile featured 56 posted images. Additionally, images of her adorned in various outfits are shared on Fanvue, a subscription-based platform akin to OnlyFans.

Recent updates on her Instagram Stories capture moments of her gym visits and leisurely cocktail sipping. The visual content is meticulously crafted using Photoshop.

Cruz mentioned that López was “crafted with a distinct persona” aligning with prevalent cultural preferences, as reported by Euronews.

A description on The Clueless Agency’s website portrays her as a “resolute and empowered woman” and a “passionate Scorpio” with interests in gaming and fitness.

Her monthly earnings range between €3,000 and €10,000, with advertisement fees exceeding €1,000, or $1,090.

In a recent article by Business Insider’s Marta Biino, the surge in AI personalities, particularly in adult entertainment and social media platforms, was highlighted. Notable examples include Emily Pellegrini, a fictional parent on Fanvue, boasting over 100,000 Instagram followers.

Monange, the CEO of Fanvue, conveyed to Biino his belief that AI-generated personas are thriving and poised to outshine human creators in terms of popularity.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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