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– Unveiling of Innovative Features and AI App by Barco at RSNA

Belgium-based image display firm Barco will showcase an innovative AI tool for breast imaging, new …

At RSNA 2023, Barco, the Belgian image display company, is set to unveil an advanced AI tool designed for chest imaging, state-of-the-art health displays, and a special gathering for partners and clients in the Latin American healthcare sector.

One of the highlights at the Barco booth will be DL Precise, an AI-driven tool tailored for breast imaging, offering capabilities for disease classification, measurement, and visualization. The key technology behind this innovation is a linear shape recognition algorithm known for its accuracy across various imaging modalities such as mammography, ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI.

Additionally, Barco will showcase its Nio and Eonis Color 8MP displays, which are currently awaiting clearance under U.S. 501(k) regulations. These displays are specifically designed for diagnostic radiology and the analysis of clinical images, boasting superior image quality and detail. They also come equipped with integrated multimedia features like cameras, microphones, and speakers.

Furthermore, Barco has organized an exclusive event for partners with the aim of enhancing diagnostic capabilities in Latin America. During this event, a panel of experts will share insights on market trends, culminating in a networking session to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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