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**AI Talent Wars Heat Up as Bankers Embrace AI Offerings**

After reading my colleague Jon Victor’s piece Friday morning, I called up my 16-year-old brother to…

I reached out to my 16-year-old sibling to provide career guidance after reading the article by my colleague Jon Victor last Friday. Jon transitioned into the role of an AI researcher, shedding light on the burgeoning demand for AI expertise in the job market. Prominent industry players such as OpenAI and Google are enticing AI researchers with lucrative compensation packages. For instance, OpenAI offers an annual salary ranging from \(5 million to \)10 million, predominantly in the form of stocks. It is worth noting that the stock value is expected to appreciate post the current share sale, emphasizing the importance of timely involvement.

To retain young talents and deter them from exploring opportunities elsewhere, the team behind ChatGPT has been granting substantial salary hikes. Jon’s analysis reveals a competitive dynamic between OpenAI, an early entrant in the field, and Google concerning access to specialized chips essential for AI software development and training, an issue acknowledged by CEO Sam Altman.

Hence, it appears that OpenAI is striving to bolster its position in the talent market proactively, potentially in response to escalating competition from tech giants like Meta Platforms and emerging players such as Anthropic, all of whom are offering competitive remuneration packages for AI expertise.

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Last modified: December 21, 2023
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