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– Leveraging Gaming Technology and AI, Balmain Unveils Cutting-Edge Electronic Fit Solution

Balmain is partnering with virtual fit solution BODS. Visitors to its e-commerce site will be able …

Use cases for online fashion and avatar technology are evolving, providing significant benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.

Balmain has partnered with BODS, a digital fitting solution. Through the European luxury fashion house’s online platform, visitors have the opportunity to create personalized 3D avatars and dress them in precise modern replicas of Balmain’s iconic tailoring and embellishments.

This collaboration will kick off with seven ready-to-wear designs, five luxurious leather handbags, and a classic Balmain boot, all meticulously crafted with lifelike detailing.

During a presentation, BODS CEO and former model Christine Marzano emphasized the company’s commitment to acknowledging these distinctive attributes while leveraging their technology to deliver an authentic brand experience.

Beyond being a mere entertainment tool, BODS’ fitmap software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the 3D creation tool Unreal Engine, not only aids customers in selecting the perfect size but also enhances the overall shopping experience. The Unreal Engine is renowned for powering popular gaming platforms like Fortnite.

In a beta test conducted in 2021 in collaboration with the New York-based brand Khaite, BODS observed a significant 93% increase in session duration and an 11% rise in cart size, showcasing the positive impact of their technology.

Simon Cottigny, Balmain’s Chief Digital Officer, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, “We firmly believe that BODS will empower our Balmain clientele to make more informed decisions, ultimately reducing returns and enhancing conversion rates.”

Statistics indicate that a staggering 70% of online fashion returns are due to sizing issues. Marzano shared insights from the Khaite trial, revealing that customers who previously struggled with sizing, particularly with signature sweaters, experienced a shift towards more accurate purchases after utilizing BODS. This not only streamlines the shopping process but also minimizes returns, leading to reduced waste and operational costs.

Jean-Jacques Guével, Balmain’s CEO, highlighted the brand’s sustainability efforts, noting that the partnership with BODS aligns with their commitment to environmental conservation. By reducing return rates and improving the overall shopping experience, Balmain aims to make substantial progress in reducing its carbon footprint.

Looking ahead, the collaboration is set to encompass a broader range of Balmain’s offerings, including signature pieces and seasonal collections from runways and professional lines.

In 2018, Balmain made waves by introducing a CGI-generated lineup of modern supermodel avatars. The brand’s venture into the virtual realm continued during the pandemic, with the launch of a virtual store in partnership with trend software company Altava. Balmain’s innovative initiatives also extended to the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through the Balmain Thread loyalty program and a collaboration with Space Riders to produce physical shoes integrated with NFT collectibles.

This progressive approach underscores the evolution of technology from experimental phases to tangible commercial applications, marking a significant shift in the industry landscape.

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Last modified: February 24, 2024
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