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### Enhancing AI Efficiency While Preserving Human Empathy in Customer Experience: Insights from Expert Interviews

How can your organization benefit from AI in customer support? Get expert advice from Hosam Hassan,…

Customer experience (CX) is a domain that traditionally prioritizes personalized interactions and a human-centric approach. However, the rapid evolution of AI technology has led to automation in various business facets, including CX. This transformation has sparked discussions on the role of AI in handling CX functions, particularly in call centers, before reaching a point of diminishing returns. Despite this, many companies providing customer support services are eager to harness the efficiency and cost advantages offered by technology.

To explore the impact of AI on CX in the post-ChatGPT era, TechHQ conducted an interview with Hosam Hassan, the Director of CX Transformation Strategy at Partner Hero, a distinguished customer support service provider.

TechHQ: Can you give us an overview of the current status of AI tools in CX and their market applications?

HH: In the present landscape, we distinguish between two tool categories: the ‘pre-ChatGPT’ era and the ‘post-ChatGPT’ era. Before ChatGPT, AI solutions were customized for each customer support group using older technologies. In the post-ChatGPT era, setting up AI tools is more efficient, offering substantial benefits in various customer support scenarios. Agent-assistance tools, for example, leverage AI to recommend solutions, suggest actions, or even draft responses. While agents remain involved, AI can promptly address issues and engage with customers, reducing the necessity for agents to create detailed responses.

PartnerHero is a globally recognized provider of outsourcing solutions known for its excellence, backed by Shutterstock.

TechHQ: How do you guide companies in navigating the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into their CX strategies?

HH: Drawing from my experience as a customer support agent, I understand the repetitive tasks that agents often wish to automate. It is essential to identify these tasks and prioritize their automation. By involving your customer service team in this process, you can identify areas ripe for automation. For instance, in the pre-AI era, a help desk manager might handle tasks like ticket routing and categorization. With AI, these tasks can be automated, enabling agents to focus on resolving customer issues. Automating routine tasks can significantly enhance operational efficiency for companies.

TechHQ: How can CX professionals effectively collaborate with AI tools by adapting their skills and approaches?

Before the AI era, customer support agents spent significant time creating self-service resources such as help articles and canned responses. Today, agents can contribute to training AI systems, utilizing their expertise to enhance AI capabilities. By taking on roles like bot builders or AI trainers, agents can play a crucial role in optimizing AI tools for customer interactions. Through active engagement with AI technologies, agents can provide valuable insights to improve AI performance, allowing them to concentrate on refining their technical skills and adapting to evolving roles within the organization.

PartnerHero provides flexible outsourcing solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, as showcased on Instagram.

TechHQ: How is PartnerHero incorporating AI into CX strategies to drive organizational change?

HH: At PartnerHero, we have embraced AI by collaborating with AI providers and integrating AI tools like Zendesk and Gorgias into our services. By combining outsourced teams with managed automation solutions, we aim to optimize operational efficiency for our clients. Our approach involves transitioning gradually to a hybrid model where a portion of customer interactions is automated, enabling agents to focus on more complex issues. This phased approach ensures a seamless transition to AI-driven CX solutions while upholding a high standard of customer service.

TechHQ: What strategies does PartnerHero employ to simplify AI adoption for users concerned about implementation challenges?

“We aim to simplify AI adoption by focusing on understanding our clients’ specific needs and pain points,” noted HH. By mapping out common interactions and identifying areas for automation, we build trust with our clients and gradually introduce AI solutions. Beginning with tasks like ticket tagging before advancing to automated responses, we ensure a transparent and collaborative approach to AI integration.

TechHQ: How does PartnerHero strike a balance between AI efficiency and human touch in CX to enhance user experience?

“Our strategy revolves around instilling trust in AI technologies by automating backend tasks that boost agent productivity without sacrificing the human touch,” explained HH. By automating tasks such as tagging tickets and providing solutions, AI enhances agent capabilities rather than entirely replacing them. This approach ensures that agents can focus on delivering personalized customer experiences while leveraging AI for operational efficiency.

PartnerHero delivers scalable solutions that can be customized to meet diverse business requirements, as exemplified by Stock.

TechHQ: Can you share examples of successful AI implementations by PartnerHero in CX and their positive impact on client businesses?

HH: “One of our successful AI applications involves a system that interprets customer intent and recommends optimal responses for agents, streamlining the support process. By integrating AI plugins for tasks like language translation, we have significantly enhanced efficiency and customer service quality. Our objective is to achieve a 20–30% increase in automation, allowing agents to concentrate on higher-value tasks. PartnerHero collaborates with clients to develop tailored AI solutions addressing specific challenges, resulting in improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

PartnerHero empowers businesses to effectively leverage AI technologies, unlocking the full potential of their CX strategies. For further information on integrating AI into your CX approach, contact PartnerHero today.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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