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– Aya Healthcare Boosts Physician Recruitment Tech with Winnow AI Acquisition

Digital staffing company Aya Healthcare acquired Winnow AI to bolster its physician recruitment cap…

As the industry grapples with a persistent shortage of companies, Aya Healthcare, an online staffing firm, has acquired Winnow AI to enhance its recruitment capabilities for physicians.

WinnowAI, a data-science-driven hiring solution, identifies vacant positions within provider organizations through predictive matches and physician connections. By merging artificial intelligence with business intelligence, the company aims to help organizations target a unique group of passive physicians who are inclined to relocate to their area.

Ray Guzman, the co-founder of Winnow AI and CEO of SwitchPoint Ventures, expressed in a LinkedIn post that the company’s inception just two years ago aimed to revolutionize the methods of recruiting doctors more efficiently.

The rapid traction gained by Winnow indicated its ability to address a significant industry challenge, prompting a shift in the conventional practices. Guzman emphasized, “We are excited that Aya Healthcare shares our grand vision for Winnow, and we anticipate collaborating and growing together as a unified team.”

Although the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, Aya Healthcare, boasting over 7,000 employees globally, operates a sophisticated workforce system that encompasses various healthcare-focused employment services. These services include per diem travel nursing, allied health, permanent staff recruitment, leadership in time management, locum tenens, and nonclinical professional placements. Aya’s suite of applications includes vendor management, float pool systems, service offerings, and predictive analytics.

Aya Healthcare is actively enhancing its AI capabilities for workforce management, recruitment, and retention, with the acquisition of Winnow AI marking its second merger and acquisition deal in the last five months. In July, Aya Healthcare acquired Flexwise Health, a company specializing in systems that assess gaps in individual demand and staffing levels, with the aim of assisting healthcare facilities in optimizing resource allocation and financial efficiency.

Shortly after, the company purchased Polaris AI, a machine learning platform that forecasts future patient and staff numbers in clinical settings. By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, Polaris enables efficient staffing decision-making and resource allocation within healthcare facilities.

Following the recent agreement, Winnow AI will integrate into Aya’s Provider Solutions division. The company asserts that Winnow AI’s capabilities complement its DocCafe platform, which hosts the largest active job pool for physician recruitment in the country. Aya’s Provider Solutions division will now offer both active and passive job seeker selection websites, along with Aya Connect for medical organizations to manage the recruitment and engagement of locum providers.

Alan Braynin, the president and CEO of Aya Healthcare, stated, “By leveraging Winnow AI to identify passive job seekers and DocCafe to effectively recruit qualified physician candidates, we can assist healthcare organizations in successfully filling their vacant provider positions.” This integration exemplifies our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve care quality for the communities served.

Winnow AI’s predictive analytics determine which physicians are likely to change roles and relocate, empowering healthcare leaders and internal recruiters to curate tailored candidate options and referrals. This strategic approach leads to the formation of well-coordinated provider teams, resulting in expedited and efficient physician recruitment.

Guzman highlighted, “Winnow AI offers a targeted approach to building high-performing teams by identifying candidates who mirror the qualities of the organization’s top physicians.” Through Aya’s capabilities, Winnow can potentially scale its innovative solution, enabling healthcare institutions to significantly enhance their ability to attract, hire, and retain the most suitable candidates for their organizations.

Investors are increasingly funding businesses that address the shortage of physicians and nurses, with startups offering tools and platforms to streamline healthcare recruitment, placement, and upskilling witnessing significant financial support. According to Pitchbook, a selection of 17 companies in this sector raised over \(700 million between 2016 and June 2021. By June 2022, these companies had collectively raised more than \)1.15 billion, including notable names like Trusted Health, IntelyCare, and Nomad Health.

Two years ago, Aya Healthcare acquired Vizient’s Contract Labor Management business, rebranding it as Vayo Workforce Solutions. This vendor-neutral workplace solutions provider caters to comprehensive contract labor needs across various healthcare settings.

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Last modified: February 12, 2024
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