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– Advocates for Constitutional Safeguards to Regulate AI in Audio Production

Music producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis said their concerns stem from AI’s ability to poten…

Some elements of everyday life, such as music and entertainment, are undergoing rapid transformations due to artificial intelligence. With AI companies facing numerous lawsuits concerning alleged copyright violations, the technology is driving the need for stronger safeguards in the music industry.

Renowned music and R&B producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, have raised concerns about the challenges posed by AI in the music industry. They are particularly worried about AI’s ability to potentially plagiarize and modify artists’ works without their authorization.

“We are witnessing the dawn of a new era. With new technologies emerging, there is a pressing need for updated regulations,” expressed Lewis.

He pointed out that AI, armed with vast amounts of data, could extract a melody or an artist’s body of work to create its own compositions.

Addressing the issue, Jimmy Jam stated, “Imagine if someone took Janet Jackson’s voice, manipulated it, and incorporated it into a song without her consent. The current lack of regulations leaves artists vulnerable unless they explicitly approve such usage.”

In response to these concerns, U.S. Senators Chris Coons and Marsha Blackburn are developing the bipartisan “No Fakes Act” to tackle unauthorized reproductions. This legislation aims to hold individuals, companies, and platforms accountable for replicating performances without proper authorization, thereby protecting artists’ voices and visual identities.

Blackburn emphasized the importance of establishing legal consequences to ensure progress in this area, stating, “Enforcing penalties is crucial for moving forward effectively.”

Coons explained that the No Fakes Act seeks to unify various state laws into cohesive national standards by drawing insights from existing regulations.

The initiative comes in the wake of incidents like the unauthorized AI-generated version of a song by Drake and The Weeknd, which amassed millions of views before being removed.

While AI presents challenges, it also offers benefits in the music industry. For instance, AI played a pivotal role in reviving the Beatles’ track “Now and Then” in 2023. This revival occurred when the late John Lennon utilized AI technology to restore a video, with the collaboration of the surviving Beatles.

Jimmy Jam emphasized the importance of ensuring fairness in the use of AI technologies within the industry, stating, “Our primary goal is to ensure equitable practices are followed.”

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Last modified: December 29, 2023
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