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### Unveiling Tailored AI Representation by Fovia AI at IAIP Exposition, RSNA 2023

/PRNewswire/ — Fovia Ai, Inc., a subsidiary of Fovia, Inc., a world leader in advanced visual…

Fovia Ai, Inc., a subsidiary of Fovia, Inc., a renowned player in advanced visualization for over twenty years and a leading provider of zero-footprint, cloud-based imaging SDKs, has announced its participation in the Imaging Artificial Intelligence in Practice (IAIP) demonstration at the 109th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA 2023) in Chicago from November 26 to November 29.

During the RSNA event, attendees can witness AI interactions and the visualization of AI outcomes from multiple vendors and algorithms seamlessly presented in a unified user interface. The IAIP exhibit will feature integrations from 20 exhibitors showcasing 28 products based on real-world medical scenarios. Additionally, live demonstrations will showcase Fovia Ai software integrated with key vendors such as GE Healthcare, Hyperfine, Laurel Bridge, Milvue, Nuance, Nvidia, PaxeraHealth, Qure.ai, Qvera, Siemens Healthineers, Smart Reporting, Telerad Tech, and Visage Imaging. This interactive display aims to provide insights into emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, highlight the necessary interoperability standards for incorporating AI into medical radiology workflows, and spotlight IoT-operated products that facilitate scientific adoption.

Kevin Kreeger, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Fovia Ai, expressed excitement about the company’s participation in the IAIP demonstration and its role in offering tailored AI visualization for industry partners. He emphasized the collaborative efforts with the latest interoperability standards to ensure accessible and physician-validated AI findings for AI orchestrators, PACS, and reporting systems. The focus remains on demonstrating the seamless visualization and interaction with Artificial Intelligence results through a unified user interface, regardless of the algorithm’s origin, thus simplifying IoT-supported image interpretation.

Adjacent to the IAIP demonstration, attendees can visit the Fovia Ai booth (#4161) to:

  • Explore AI-driven advanced modeling through F.A.S.T.®aiCockpit® and F.A.S.T.®AI SDK, enabling radiologists and clinicians to efficiently interact with and adjust AI results from various algorithms and vendors in an integrated viewer.
  • Discover the versatility of F.A.S.T.®aiCockpit® in merging AI capabilities for PACS, reporting systems, viewers, and hospital systems through various integration methods.
  • Learn about creating efficient advanced modeling applications using tailored segmentation tools, automatic image processing, and successful medical results reporting.

For more information on Fovia and Fovia Ai’s products or to schedule a meeting at the RSNA event, please visit their website.

Fovia Ai, Inc., a pioneer in innovative visualization, offers cloud-based, zero-footprint imaging SDKs and is the developer of TruRender, High Definition Volume Rendering, and XStream® HDVR. Their products, including F.A.S.T.®aiCockpit® and F.A.S.T.®AI SDK, empower oncologists and clinicians to access AI results seamlessly from various systems. The product line also includes F.A.S.T.®AI Annotation, F-A-S-T. – Artificial Workflows, F. at a time s/t / _interactive AI, and tools for data segmentation and integration with partners, platforms, and operating systems.

For more details on licensing options for business, academic, or research purposes, please visit fovia.com or ai.

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