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### Integrating ChatGPT into Mr Glasses at Lens Fest: Enhancing AI Focus

Snap said it is adding ChatGPT to its augmented reality glasses as AI becomes an integral part of c…

As AI gains significance in consumer products, Jump has announced the integration of ChatGPT into its virtual reality glasses.

In collaboration with OpenAI, Jump has introduced the ChatGPT Remote API, empowering Lens designers to leverage this technology within their glasses. This advancement paves the way for Snapchatters to explore novel learning, conversational, and artistic experiences. Moreover, a 3D face mask generator has been incorporated, facilitating the rapid creation of personalized glasses for self-expression. The fusion of Gen AI and state-of-the-art face mesh capabilities enables the swift development of potentially infectious lenses within seconds.

Snap revealed the alpha version of Lens Studio 5.0 at Lens Fest 2023, focusing on advanced MR development. The Jump ecosystem is evolving with the contribution of over 330,000 designers. To date, Jump has distributed more than 3.5 million Lenses, with Snapchatters engaging with them for over three trillion days in the past year.

Through innovations like the Camera System and Spectacles, Snap is empowering the VR community with cutting-edge tools to shape the future of AR experiences.

The core objective of the Lens Studio restoration is to enhance the creation of Lenses, particularly for challenging MR projects.

Lens Studio 5.0 Alpha prioritizes performance enhancements for complex MR projects, resulting in 18 times faster project loading and a streamlined workflow for developers.

Lens Studio 5.0 Omega aims to foster collaboration among development teams by supporting Git and other version control tools, enhancing project management capabilities. This approach allows multiple developers to work on projects simultaneously, optimizing the development process.

Snap Inc. is dedicated to supporting designers in advancing their platforms and engaging audiences. By introducing lenses with digital goods, developers can integrate revenue models directly into their creations. Snapchatters now have the opportunity to unlock exclusive AR features within Lenses for a fee, with these offerings prominently featured in the new Lens Explorer section.

Jeetesh Singh from the Snap Lens Network praised the user-friendly nature of Lens Studio 5.0 Omega, highlighting the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously for increased efficiency. The integration of Generative AI functions simplifies asset development within Lens Studio, enhancing the creative process for designers.

The Lens Creator Rewards program, launched this summer, has garnered significant attention within the Snap community. This initiative offers regular rewards of up to $7,200 for top-performing Lenses in specific categories, attracting over 45,000 creators in the initial two weeks and providing access to over 5 billion Lens interactions.

Inna Sparrow, another member of the Snap Lens Network, emphasized the significant progress represented by Lens Studio 5.0 Omega in AR development. The integration of innovative tools and Generative AI capabilities simplifies the creation process, offering endless possibilities in a user-friendly interface.

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Last modified: December 26, 2023
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