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### AI’s Next Frontier: Asset Management Beyond Traditional Funds

More than $1.9 billion of funds pour into asset management as customers demand a “NetflixR…

Talks related to artificial intelligence play a significant role in the financial management sector. As per CB Insights, a market intelligence firm monitoring private enterprises, nearly $1.9 billion in equity funds have been invested in property and money management.

Of this amount, over $1 billion was allocated to data and analytics, enabling advisors and analysts to utilize relational AI as a valuable research aide. AI technology facilitates quick decision-making, process automation, and client communication enhancement.

The timing of this technological advancement is opportune, considering the increasing research demands to meet client needs. Accenture forecasts that conceptual AI will be integrated into 90% of banking operations, with the majority of financial advisors looking to leverage AI for customer engagement and task automation.

Yasin Rosowsky, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Arabesque AI, a sustainable fintech provider, emphasizes the significant shift in consumer demand within the asset, wealth, and financial management sector. The emergence of a “Netflix”-style portfolio management system catering to diverse preferences, including conservation and impact-focused options, highlights the evolving landscape where AI can play a pivotal role.

The younger generation, particularly Gen Z, expresses a keen interest in investing in causes they personally endorse. A study by US Bank reveals that two-thirds of young individuals prefer investing in areas aligned with their values, underscoring the need for in-depth research into each company.

Arabesque AI’s engine, Atoms, processes 250 features and 20,000 global company prices daily through cloud-based computation. The company prioritizes integrating climate risk and sustainability factors into portfolios, automating tasks that once required extensive manual effort, thereby reducing costs and enhancing accessibility.

JPMorgan Asset & Wealth Management’s acquisition of a similar program two and a half years ago, OpenInvest, allows users to customize their values within the AI framework, tailoring the entire customer wealth portfolio accordingly.

In the realm of financial advisory, tools like conceptual AI are aiding advisors in finding and elucidating information effectively. Orion Portfolio Solutions, a fintech firm, specializes in generating “smart summaries” to help advisors evaluate portfolios based on client preferences, providing insights to explain portfolio dynamics.

AI tools like ChatGPT, with 100 million active users and widespread adoption by Fortune 500 companies, are revolutionizing the industry. While GPT-4 offers enhanced capabilities, firms are exploring its potential applications abroad, considering factors like performance, speed, and cost.

Despite the advancements in AI technology, the consensus among AI creators and users is that human advisors remain indispensable. The human touch in customer interactions and nuanced decision-making aspects cannot be replaced by AI alone, underscoring the complementary role of AI in enhancing financial services.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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