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### Emphasizing AI Education: Lindenwood Educator Encourages Embracing Tools

As artificial intelligence tools continue to grow in size, scope and computing power, local profess…

Local educators are actively working to enrich the public’s comprehension of artificial intelligence as AI tools continue to advance in sophistication, scale, and computational capacity.

At Lindenwood University’s College of Arts and Humanities, Professor James Hutson oversees the Department of Art History and Physical Society, where he recently assumed the role of the department’s “AI authority.”

Hutson emphasized that the widespread utilization of artificial intelligence is already prevalent, including within their academic domain. He noted that the current stage of generative AI can be likened to adolescence, highlighting the untapped potential that many individuals are yet to grasp. The imminent progression towards interactive AI integrated into expansive networks represents the next frontier.

The professor underscored the pervasive integration of AI within existing systems responsible for managing visitor grids, financial inventories, and even search engines. Despite its recent emergence in mainstream discussions, propelled in part by accessible online tools like ChatGPT, AI has become a fundamental component of various operations.

The accessibility of these AI tools enables individuals to generate original content, produce artwork, and facilitate discussions on complex topics across diverse educational settings. However, this newfound freedom has raised concerns regarding security and ethics, particularly in relation to issues like deepfakes and other potentially manipulative materials.

In addressing the evolving landscape of AI, Hutson stressed the importance of educating the public on the essence of education itself, the evolving definition of humanity, and the critical need to focus on these aspects.

Within the rapidly evolving AI landscape, educators such as Hutson are actively engaging in initiatives to inform and enlighten individuals. Hutson highlighted the transformative capabilities of ChatGPT, emphasizing that the platform’s quotes are now authentic, a significant departure from just a few months ago. Contrary to instilling fear, Hutson advocated viewing AI as a tool for empowerment, emphasizing its potential to assist rather than dictate, as he conveyed in his recent address to the St. Charles City Council.

Hutson aptly remarked, “It’s about the individuals utilizing AI and the decisions they make, rather than the technology itself autonomously making choices.”

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Last modified: February 15, 2024
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