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– YouTube to Crack Down on AI-Generated Deepfakes and Sound-Alikes

Even as the platform is rolling out generative AI tech, the company is also setting new rules aroun…

YouTube is rolling out innovative AI technologies to developers while simultaneously imposing stricter guidelines on their usage.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the platform introduced new policies governing content created using relational AI. These rules include penalties for videos that incorporate the likeness of individuals without permission and grant music labels the authority to remove videos featuring unauthorized use of voices from well-known performers.

Jennifer Flannery O’Connor and Emily Moxley, both Vice Presidents at YouTube, emphasized the potential of Generative AI to foster creativity and enrich user experiences. However, they underscored the importance of balancing these advancements with the responsibility of safeguarding the YouTube community.

To address concerns related to deepfakes and sound-alike audio, YouTube will facilitate the removal of AI-generated content that mimics identifiable individuals, including their voices and experiences. Despite these measures, there will be limitations on the extent of such removals.

The company clarified that not all AI-generated content can be taken down and that various factors will be considered in evaluating removal requests. Factors such as the satirical or fictional nature of the content, its specificity, and its association with established figures will influence the decision-making process.

Designers engaged in YouTube’s AI initiatives will have the ability to request the removal of sound-alikes pertaining to musicians and singers. Criteria such as media focus, critical analysis, or public interest relevance will guide the assessment of removal requests.

YouTube is also introducing new labeling and disclosure requirements for content produced using relational AI, particularly content addressing complex or contentious topics like elections. Additionally, content created with YouTube’s AI tools will be appropriately labeled.

These updates coincide with mounting concerns in Hollywood regarding conceptual AI, prompting industry organizations like SAG-AFTRA and the WGA to advocate for stringent regulations in their contracts. Music labels are also expressing apprehensions about unauthorized use of performers’ voices in AI-generated content on social platforms.

YouTube appears committed to ensuring the responsible deployment of AI technologies, despite the challenges inherent in regulating their usage. The platform recently unveiled AI tools like “Dream Screen,” allowing users to generate video backgrounds swiftly. While YouTube continues to develop tools tailored for musicians and artists, the specifics of these innovations remain undisclosed.

Expressing enthusiasm for the transformative potential of AI, YouTube acknowledges the far-reaching implications of these advancements across creative industries. The company aims to strike a balance between leveraging these technologies for progress and safeguarding community well-being. Collaboration with innovators and creatives from diverse sectors is envisioned as pivotal to shaping a future that benefits all stakeholders.

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Last modified: February 8, 2024
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