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### Enhancing Realism: Artisse AI Secures $6.7M for Innovative Photography App

Artisse, one of the many AI photo creation apps that let users generate photos of themselves using …

Artisse, a popular AI photo creation application enabling users to produce photos of themselves by uploading selfies and utilizing prompts, has secured $6.7 million in seed funding after the surge in popularity of AI-generated selfies. Similar to its counterparts, Artisse allows users to upload their photos to train its AI model and then use text or image prompts to generate new images in various settings, poses, and styles. What sets Artisse apart is its focus on creating highly realistic images that can rival professional photography if needed.

Utilizing its proprietary model in conjunction with elements from open-source models and tools, Artisse has garnered significant success, becoming a top photo app on the Google Play Store in markets such as the U.S., U.K., Japan, South Korea, Canada, and Australia. With over 200,000 downloads and an estimated outreach of 43 million people on social media, Artisse boasts the creation of over 5 million photos by its users.

Image Credits: Artisse

Initially self-funded, Artisse was established by William Wu, a former professional in investment and strategy at McKinsey & Co. and Oaktree Capital. Inspired by the prevalence of “perfect” photos on social media platforms, Wu aimed to democratize high-quality photography accessible to anyone with a smartphone. While Artisse’s training process may be lengthier than its competitors, taking around 30 to 40 minutes, the generation of AI images is swift, resulting in remarkably realistic outputs.

Artisse’s distinctive feature lies in its meticulous consideration of various factors such as race, facial features, skin tone, lighting, and camera settings to produce lifelike images. By training its AI on public domain photography, Artisse emphasizes image quality over quantity, addressing challenges faced by similar apps in accommodating diverse body shapes and skin tones.

The app’s monetization strategy evolved from offering 25 free photos to a subscription-based model, attracting both casual users and dedicated subscribers. With revenue tripling to \(1 million ARR in December 2023 and projected to reach \)2.5 million ARR, Artisse anticipates significant growth in the AI photography market. The recent $6.7 million funding round, led by The London Fund, underscores the app’s potential, with plans to expand into virtual fitting room technology for online shopping and innovative group photo features.

As Artisse continues to innovate and expand its offerings beyond consumer photos, its AI-driven platform remains at the forefront of transforming the photography landscape.

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Last modified: January 24, 2024
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